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    Photo Brushes

    Hi jmwellborn - you are absolutely right. That's exactly what I did. Thanks so much Regards Harmy
  2. Hi Guys Would appreciate help in getting the brushes to work in Photo. I cannot seem to drag a brush on to a pix and create brush strokes. All that happens is I get a sausage shape outlined in a dotted line. Probably a simple one step or two step process which may relate to the setting up of the drawing/pix. TIA Harmy
  3. Hi Alfred I thought I had. When I looked at the thread it appeared to have a title. What more do I need to do?
  4. Ahhhh!! So simple. Many thanks.
  5. HI When using the Erase Brush Tool what I get instead of a clean cut I get a series of blobs on the cut line. How do I revert back to the original Erase feature. Tia
  6. Hi] Can anyone tell me, when using the Selection Brush Tool, why I have to hold down the CTL key on my computer to get the pixels to snap to the edge of the line I'm copying. No idea why this has happened . Worked perfectly before this. Tia Harmy
  7. Hi I'm having the same problem. Inpainting doesn't work. Have tried the fixes listed without success. When I try to inpaint I get a series of odd red patches appear which disappear immediately I cease inpainting. Will it be fixed if I download a default version of Photo? Thanks Harmy
  8. Four years since the roadmap promised a Knife Tool and yet I've just downloaded the latest version and still no knife tool. How much longer guys?
  9. An old topic but why on earth did Affinity Photo and Designer get rid of the clean and simple knife tool on the Drawplus series. I can't think of a more clunky and almost impossible to use cutout system that the present Affinity programs force you to use.