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  1. Its not allowed in this forum to post links to channels (only videos) but if you watch the video on YouTube (not on the forum) there should be a subscribe button under the video.
  2. No problem, hopefully gained another subscriber on my YouTube Channel
  3. Once the rectangle is where you want it push ENTER / RETURN on keyboard.
  4. Not sure, I only remember that one as I got a email from Affinity a while ago about it.
  5. You can crop to a square, once you have crop tool selected if you look near the top tool (left top) bar there is a section that has pre defined section - here you can select 1:1 crop (going of memory as I am not sat near my mac to check at the moment) this then gives you a square crop.
  6. I have seen this book on Amazon, I don't have it - so cant recommend but looks like it gets good reviews. https://amzn.to/2GVcE1u
  7. Hi Jeff, Not sure I fully understand the question, are you asking how to crop a square from a image so your not resizing the image in any way ?
  8. Video on how to do this is here on my YouTube channel "How to cut or slice a image in Affinity Photo. Video is here:
  9. Hey, really good thanks for the explanation I did a tutorial on slicing or cutting out a image in Affinity Photo, its not automated for batch but ideal for single edits. Video is here:
  10. The Computer Lab

    Cutting Out Image In Affinity Photo

    Thanks for your kind words Gramondo.
  11. The Computer Lab

    Cutting Out Image In Affinity Photo

    Yeah thanks for the feedback (hopefully the video helped anyway) I need a boom for my Yeti mic it currently sits on my desk next to the keyboard and mouse so picks up everything, I am looking at investing in a mic boom to lift it off the desk.
  12. The Computer Lab

    Cutting Out Image In Affinity Photo

    Lol sorry I’m from The UK so can only do my normal accent. Well I can do impressions but they are not that good.
  13. Hi all, thought I would share a quick tutorial I have done - showing how to cut out a image selection using the brush tool in Affinity Photo. Apologies if this post is in the wrong area. Regards, Grant