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    Graphic design, brochure / catalogue / webpage layout, technical / product 3d modeling and rendering.

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  1. +1 text spanning should be in Publisher It's much faster to work with, and it keeps flow of text intact without the need to split everything and fiddle with separate frames.
  2. +1 Yes, it's a much needed feature! Especially when working massive documents with hundreds of pages containing graphical elements.
  3. Variables that you can base on paragraph / character styles are crucial for making complex and maintainable documents like catalogues and books. It would be nice to, for example, use multiple variables in one heading (document-wide brand or product names etc.), then it also pulls itself into a running header on a master page based on the paragraph style. Didn't have a chance to mess around with Publisher yet, maybe this functionality is already in there, so correct me on that. Right now feeling a bit hesitant to make a switch...
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