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  1. Cannot wait until I can do it on my iPad Air2!! That's Ideal for quick touch ups/ social editing!
  2. Got it! and har har har JimmyJack. I noticed it "Corrected" to bushes when I came back to check and respond. I appreciate the joke! Dale, Thankyou! I figured it out not long after I posted. "Duplicate" layer is needed to do any brush touch ups. So far the program is really nice, even s a novice to this. I've figured most out already, just need to hone in on the skills. Thanks again!
  3. This is driving me insane. None of the brushes (blemish,inpaint etc) work! I create a new layer (Pixel), and I try to use Blemish brush and it does nothing. Yet the blemish brush works on my Locked background original layer! WHY? Why won't it work on the Pixel Layer I'm trying to designate for brushes, yet my LOCKED background it works. So frustrating!
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