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  1. ericcarroll

    Affinity... Video?

    Thanks for the info, Chris. I'll look into Motion, thanks. (Note: if Affinity starts to move towards video/animation software... I want to beta test. :D )
  2. I've thoroughly enjoyed using Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo (since July of 2015). Admittedly, it has been a slow process to move to it full time since I have client files sent to me in other app formats, but I am slowly getting there. I have been redesigning my own company's website with Designer and it's a breath of fresh air for UI/web work. I love it every time I open Designer or Photo. I also tell any designers I work with about Affinity's incredible software (some have bought it). Okay. On to my questions: What software is used to edit the videos you create for the Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo promo videos? Could be an Affinity Video be in the works, at some point? I'd love to get back into video and animation work, but would prefer something with Affinity's touch on it. Keep up the great work!
  3. ericcarroll

    Affinity Designer UI

    Thanks, dangerman2000. I had already adjusted the UI to be as light/bright as possible, but it still seems pretty dark. I'm glad you brought up contrast. It does need to be improved, there. Note: I've used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop since 1997 and Affinity Designer is so refreshing to use.
  4. It would be great if we could make the UI lighter/brighter instead of defaulting to a darker gray (even when at the lightest setting) and have the option to choose from small or larger icon sizes for tools. When using it on a laptop, the icons are rather small unless you are very close to the screen. Thanks for the hard work on this app. I have already started replacing Adobe Illustrator with Affinity Designer and couldn't be happier!

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