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  1. Hi, now when you added art-boards (i cannot give my feedback yet in full, but it's GREAT it's now there) ..are you considering a cooperation with Zeplin (https://zeplin.io)? seems a lot of companies starting to include this in their workflow.
  2. Today I did the buy. Hope the artboard features come soon and will be user friendly. Continue to make it fast and bugfree and all will be good for all of us. Thanks and also you're welcome.
  3. Thanks for the quick answer. I would be happy to chip in say 25% of the buy price a year for updates, for me a far better option than having 10 versions of the same software. Its less then buying a new version SW after 2 yrs. I'm a developer my self, so i know it's lot of work, time (so money) to push updates. I hope you will get more popular and maybe as new children are born every day, so every day someone new needs a design tool, maybe it will be enough to keep Affinity up to date. Hopefully apple will also make some effort towards paid upgrades. I guess, we will have to see. At least i hope you will stay by you answer and push updates for the next 18 months. I still have to evaluate (as I already have a similar tool - if i would not, i would buy Affinity right away) but your answer did push mi more towards the buy side. Thanks
  4. Hi, I have also a question regarding pricing as i'm currently evaluating if the affinity designer is worthy of my investment (purchase). There is only one think holding me back, i did not so long ago buy a similar product named S....h (i don't write the full name so this is not taken the wrong way), anyways few months after my purchase the developer released a new version of the product but not as an update but as a new product named S.....h 3. So now i'm stuck with a version that will no longer be developed and no means to upgrade (even paid) as the app store doesn't support a paid upgrade. So my question is, whats the plan for affinity designer, do you plan to go the Pix....r way and provide free fixes and upgrades which would make your software great and my evaluation fast. Or do you plan in future to release new full paid versions of this product? Thank you for info.
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