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  1. @ sentientbean..... I hope you get your situation cleared up! No worries about "hijacking" the thread....it sounds like you've got something similar to what I ran into so it's all good. In my case, I think this had more to do with some sort of technical foulup between my location and the Mac App Store. I don't think that it is related to anything that Affinity is doing. That's just a supposition on my part but that's what it looks like to me. You might want to consider setting up an inquiry with Apple Customer Service if you can't get it sorted out here. BTW....that's
  2. ATTENTION, MEB!! To borrow a NASA phrase: "Houston, we have liftoff!" :D After the failed attempt at using Terminal to get the App Store application to clear that "Installed" flag, I decided I would try one last thing before giving up on that. I decided to reboot the Mac and access the App Store one last time. That apparently did the trick. Once the Mac was rebooted, I started up the Mac App store application once more and the Affinity Designer flag finally showed "Install". So, I clicked the Install button and waited for it to finish. Once I was able to see the "Instal
  3. MEB....thanks for the suggestion. I did as requested but no joy. Same problem with Affinity Designer flagged as being "Installed". Hopefully you have some more tricks up your sleeve to fix this. BTW....I presume that you meant for me to drag a folder named "com.apple.appstore" to the Trash. I could not find anything that was named "com.app.appstore". So, thanks for any additional ideas you may have to fix this! - David
  4. MEB.....yes, I had already tried restarting after deleting the application since I wanted to make sure that Mac OS X would update itself as to what applications were resident upon restart. I had hoped that this might result in the "Installed" flag being changed on the App Store. That did not work. I also checked the Mac App Store area for "Check for unfinished downloads" and it said that all downloads were complete. So, I am still stuck in the situation where I have no copy of the shipping Affinity Designer 1.2 and (at this moment) no way to do a re-download. For your refere
  5. When Affinity Designer first came out last October, I was one of the first to purchase it from the Mac App Store. Today I received an email notification that an update for Designer was available, so I went to download it from the App Store. Something happened during the download and my purchasing history on the app store indicated that an error had occurred during downloading. I tried to get the update to re-download, but that app is currently flagged as "Installed" so there is no way to get another copy of the application. I then tried one other thing...I deleted the applica
  6. In an attempt to tidy up a loose end, I am posting this update. In reading some posts earlier in this thread, I noted that I had earlier reported exporting a 5" x 5" .eps file from an earlier version of Affinity Designer and, when that exported .eps file was opened in Illustrator CS6, it inexplicably opened up at a larger size of 6 11/16" square. I had then tried a subsequent test out of an AD version after that and the incorrect larger size was still in evidence. After those earlier tests, I had forgotten to try that .eps output again in the most recent versions of AD.
  7. @TonyB..... This will be my last follow-up on this topic unless some future circumstance warrants an additional comment. I just got through doing the "5" square" test with the newest AD beta (1.0.21458) and all was well. The output was as expected: a 5" square object. I expect that this will continue to be the case so I will continue doing the 5" square test on subsequent AD betas and I will only post again if something goes awry. I do not know if anyone else is still having print dimension output problems, but it appears to be "yesterday's news" so far as I'm concerned. @r
  8. BTW....if you were wanting to see what I actually downloaded from the HP site, you should be able to get there from this link: http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=5076461&swLangOid=8&swEnvOid=4159 If that opens up as intended, you should see 3 possible downloads displayed there, and the upper two will be the printer driver and firmware updaters that I used to bring my HP printer up-to-date. You might be wanting to test these updaters out yourself so that's why I figured I'd pass this info along. Now, there MIGHT be other versions of these file
  9. A "PS" to my earlier report: I checked that print output with 3 different rulers.... two of the rulers were metal-based....and the 3rd ruler was the plastic-based Schaedler Precision Rule. All three rulers agreed with each other....5" square on the nose. So, I'm glad that's been addressed!! Now....how's about that "pasteboard access" ? :D I know...I know... we're never satisfied! ;) - David
  10. @TonyB.... Well, this might just help you to close down this "bug" situation with regards to Affinity Designer not being able to print accurately to the HP LaserJet 400 color M451dn printer that I'm using here. First (before I go into details) let me report the following: 1) using the newest beta of Affinity Designer, I was able to print out a perfect 5" x 5" square directly from AD to my HP printer. NOTE: I did not see any notations, in your list of what was fixed in this beta, regarding the dimension printing bug being addressed, so I didn't think that it was the new beta th
  11. I was curious as to whether there will be any organizational changes made to this forum once Affinity Photo is released for beta testing. Specifically, will there be separate areas for Designer and Photo questions? Or, will all questions about either app be intermixed together within the "Questions" "Bugs" and "Feature Requests" areas? It might be easier for browsing if the subjects were segregated in some manner. Thanks for any info you can share on this. - David
  12. @TonyB.... I just noticed that I had not tried doing a test print from the beta version 1.0.20213, so I decided to give it a try just for the sake of completeness in testing current versions of AD. As before, I made a 5" x 5" square in AD and printed out to the same HP printer that I have been using during all of these tests (model type for printer shown in earlier post...I think #3 or #4). Result: as before, printing straight from AD to the HP printer yielded the same slightly smaller-than-required printout: 4 15/16" square If you want, I can try printing out other file
  13. @TonyB.... Here's a bit of news: For the sake of this test, I managed to get hold of temporary usage of an old version of Pages.....it is Pages '09 (version 4.0). I drew the 5" x 5" square shape in it and printed that out to my HP printer. The result: The printout exhibited the same problem as Affinity Designer....instead of printing out at full size, the shape printed out at 4 15/16" x 4 15/16" ! So, there's another clue for you to take into consideration as you investigate this printing bug! Again, I hope that you are able to squash this bug very quickly so t
  14. @TonyB... Unfortunately, I won't be able to help with that test. I do not have Pages or Numbers. I never needed them in the past so I never downloaded them. For the sake of your test request, I went looking for those apps on the App Store. In the past I believe those apps were available for free from Apple, but now they show a price of $19.99 and, on top of that, the current versions available for download require Mac OS X 10.10. I am using Mavericks, which is a little below that version requirement at 10.9.5. Thus, the apps refuse to install on my MacBook Pro from the Apple App Sto
  15. Earlier, I had done a single test of an alternate application (in that case, Illustrator CS6) to make sure that my printer was printing accurately the 5" square graphics. I have since decided that it would be a good idea to also test a few more applications just to make certain that the HP printer I am using here is working correctly. So, I decided to also run additional test print files from other applications using 5" square objects drawn in each of those apps. The apps that were used: Adobe Illustrator CS 5 (ver. 15.0.2) Adobe Illustrator CS 5.1 (ver. 15.1.0) Sketch 3.1.1 Ad
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