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  1. In order to draw 3D-like shapes, this guy samples a gradient and paints with this gradient as a brush in PS CC. Is this in any way possible in Aff. Design or Photo?
  2. Talking about this device (vector?) mockup. Looks really cool! But I could not find it in the IOS11 kit. https://d1x0u4ahgq5hzt.cloudfront.net/teaser-affinity-serif-com/blog-uploads/production/2017/12/ios11-kit%402x.png
  3. Do you have color / image processing enabled or set up in your Nvidia control panel? These could interfere.
  4. Hi Sean, Thanks for your quick reply and the explanation! No worries about the lost file. I managed to redraw everything in a new file within 20 mins. I'm very glad to hear that you guys know the issue, the culprit and that it's in the backlog Cheers!
  5. I was doing a simple illustration, though using 50+ layers and was spendig about 2 hrs when the software flipped out as soon as I resized my single art board. I have recorded a video of this happening which I will attach to this topic. I'm not entirely sure of the steps to reproduce this bug. What I can remember is this: - This file is a "save as" from a previous file. - I also created a new a4 horizontal document in which I drew a component - I copy/pasted this new vector component onto my "saved as" file and started reworking all existing elements. - A lot of tiny curves were grouped and 'nested' within an existing object (using the rightmost button in the toolbar) - Some objects were cropped using the vector crop tool. - Everything in the file is basically vectors. No pixels. - After a while I wanted to resize the art board. Upon sliding the corner point outwards, the software immediately threw all of my objects around. (see video attached) * layers were retained in their z-index (if I can call it that) * everything was thrown around with each mouse movement. Even far outside the artboard * Most objects were resized -> At this point I made a screen recording. After the recording, I tried "save as", saved the "damaged file" hoping it was just a visual glitch. I kept the software open, clicked on the tab of the other file I had open (the object I created on a blank canvas) and tried resizing that artboard: Everything was fine in that other file. Which leads me to believe the software had an issue with that single file causing something to flip out. After restarting the software, I opened up the damaged file. It was saved without error and I could open it fine. But it has all objects messed up (so, like I saved it) so I had to start over. Further details: - Win10 x64 intel i7 8700K / nvidia gtx 980ti / 32 GB RAM - Affinity designer for Windows, latest version - No plugins, I use the software exclusively. I do have the included UI kit and brushes imported, as well as Frankentoon Nomad pack. - Other apps running at the time were Google Chrome (about 6 tabs open), Steam, Google Backup and Sync - No error messages were given, no real crash occurred. CPU did not spike and memory usage seemed ok (though I have quite some memory) afdesbug.mp4
  6. I completely agree and I am a bit bummed out because of this feature missing. I've jumped ship from sketch bevause Affinity Designer was more productive to get designs and icons done, but I since I always work with web devs they always ask for zeplin or invision links, which I now cannot give. We really need this integration.
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