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  1. Thanks for the reply! As a bit of a feature request, some things that would help in this workflow would be: be able to copy/paste a single attribute (like paste fx, but paste stroke/fill) be able to select all elements with a similar stroke/fill (I know this has been requested in the past)
  2. I have several objects with different fills. I want to apply the same stroke to them. Ideally I'd have a style I could apply that changed the stroke but left the fill as is. If I understand correctly this is not possible. What would be the best way of achieveing this then? Anything better than selecting all objects and applying the stroke at the same time?
  3. Another +1 here, hope Affinity prioritizes this!!!
  4. @MEB this is really frustrating behavior. If I have a group of objects including a text frame and scale it, I'd expect the text to resize along with it. If I have already created text with the Frame Text tool, the only solution os to manually adjust each text frame, which is cumbersome and error prone.
  5. More info: This might be an edge case, it happens when I unplug my external monitor and plug in again.
  6. This is a bit of a difficult issue to describe, so I'll try with a picture: When I open up a file, it looks more or less as it should (labels for artboards are off). When I try to select objects, though, I find the the actual object outlines seem to be elsewhere. I cannot edit the objects where they appear. This happens randomly, not always, and I have a feeling that it's related to me using an external monitor. Closing and reopening the file usually solves it I'm working on macOS high sierra 10.13.4, Edit: Zooming in and out of the file using keyboard shortcuts seems to be causing the problem. It's as though the preview zooms but not the outlines
  7. Just released a second color palette with support for Affinity's .afpalette format. It's a set of bright, happy colors to lighten up any illustration or design. Get it at creativemarket
  8. I wanted a base palette that I could use on my illustrations, with a range of shades, and highlights/shadows for each. So I made my own: It's a good starting point for illustrations, icons & UI work. There's more than 100 swatches, nicely organized. Comes in several formats, of course .afpalette included. Grab it over at CreativeMarket!
  9. I'm about to do just that. I saved my affinity images as pdf, opened in .ai (sucked to lose all the layer organization) and converted to eps/ai. I'll let you know how it goes!
  10. I was just coming in to say this: I want transparency in export without having to set the doc bg to transparent for two reasons (Least important) It is an extra step to change the document settings. (Most important) The chequered background is very distracting when working on a document, especially when you are working with a grid. I like having a clean white background to work in and not have the bg export by default. I think an easy solution (at least easy in terms of the UI, no clue in dev terms) would be to have a checkbox at export "Transparent background" That would enable transparency there.
  11. Gotcha, thanks. I guess this is a very specific technical term, but perhaps a friendlier label could be used ("set dimensions as percentages", "relative dimensions"?)
  12. Where is that option? I Only see a checkbox for "set view box", with no further options.
  13. Another vote! One of the few missing features that really slows down my workflow.
  14. Another "me too"! Pattern fills are a big part of my workflow and it's highly inconvenient to have to go raster rather than be able to use vector pattern fills. I use pattern fills for noise, texture, geometric patter fills, etc.
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