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  1. yep, i think it was the handles, thanks for the tip!. Still I'd expect the outlined stroke to be rendered the same as the original
  2. I'm having problems with a quite simple stroke changing weirdly when expanded (see attached image). Any clues as to what could be causing this?
  3. The competitor that rhymes with terminator has a great ui for nudging on ipad. Wish affinity would adopt something similar.
  4. Any news @Gabe ? I'm also running into this problem
  5. Just uploaded a new swatch library for Affinity (and others). It's two color gradients, one warm, one cool, with vibrant colors for impactful designs & illustrations. It's now up for sale at Creative Market
  6. Serbidan, estás en el foro equivocado (este es para recursos, trata en el de Affinity Support & questions) y probablemente tengas mas suerte si lo posteas en inglés (usa Google translate si es necesario)
  7. The inkscribe plugin for illustrator has a great feature: if you double click on a node it will switch from smooth to sharp or vice versa. Would love to have this on affinity too as it is a huge time saver. could just swithc between those 2 or cycle between smooth-->sharp-->smart.
  8. I'm trying to create several sites with a black stroke, but different brushes and widths. There problem is after the first one, selecting "add style from selection" does nothing. If I change the stroke color it works, if l delete the previous style, it works. I've tried with multiple brushes, colors, widths and it's always the same. Only one style allowed per stroke color.
  9. Answering my own question, at least partially: this happened when "scale stroke" was selected on the object from which the stle was created. this is still unexpected behavior,a s I would expect the initial stroke width to be the same before being resized.
  10. I'm running into a weird problem: I created a style from a shape with a brush stroke set at 8px. When I apply the style to other shapes, however, the stroke width is random, sometimes it's 6.1 px, sometimes 4.2. In my mind it should ALWAYS be the same width. what gives?
  11. IIRC, Freehand would let you paste a graphic into a text box and it would treat it as a character, so you could set size, spacing, etc. Maybe this is the feature that you'd need, no?
  12. To make a font you need a LOT of functionality, not only to draw the characters, but to set encoding, spacing, kerning, etc. I'd much rather Affinity focused on other features and left type design to other apps.
  13. Thanks for the reply! As a bit of a feature request, some things that would help in this workflow would be: be able to copy/paste a single attribute (like paste fx, but paste stroke/fill) be able to select all elements with a similar stroke/fill (I know this has been requested in the past)
  14. I have several objects with different fills. I want to apply the same stroke to them. Ideally I'd have a style I could apply that changed the stroke but left the fill as is. If I understand correctly this is not possible. What would be the best way of achieveing this then? Anything better than selecting all objects and applying the stroke at the same time?
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