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  1. @meb How to change zoom with option+mouse wheel to command + mouse wheel?
  2. How to revert Zoom in new version using command + mouse wheel?
  3. 5 years I have been working in this application. But 5 years I feel pain. 1. Pixels. Which incorrectly cut the picture when exporting. I know that you can disable this. But that does not work. I have to correct everything with my hands. Every time, export is suffering. 2. Why is the SVG that I insert from memory or drop to artboard inserted as embedded object? I can not add with drag and drop and edit 5 icons at once. 3. The perspective. To make a simple perspective for an image, I need to open affinity photos or photoshop every time. I can not make it in pixel persona mode 4. Fast export as in Sketch. After Sketch, where I can just export the picture, drag the picture to the desktop, it seems to me hell to export to affinity. Make a quick export like in Sketch. 5. Group objects problem. Affinity Designer, Come on! Sorry. But I'm already tired of enduring it. Maybe I do something wrong?
  4. Because SVG file can not recognize fx layer style. How to convert all fx (like shadow, stroke...) to curves?
  5. I do not understand, how i can do it quickly? How to copy adjustments style and paste to another image?
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