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  1. More than 150 ready-made gradiens in .afpalette format. I picked up the best solutions for your creativity. WORK WITH VERSION 1.5 Beta AND HIGHER http://www.demo.egorkomarov.ru/Gradient-palette-for-Affinity-Designer/
  2. Egor Komarov

    AP - Color Grading Macros (free)

    21 macros for Affinity Photos to make your photo awesome :) Made by me Download: Egor_Komarov_color_grading.afmacros Examples: Download: Egor_Komarov_color_grading.afmacros
  3. Egor Komarov

    AP - Color Grading Macros (free)

  4. Egor Komarov

    Awesome Gradient palette for Affinity Designer

  5. I do not understand, how i can do it quickly? How to copy adjustments style and paste to another image?
  6. Affinity Designer do not have good blur filters or perspective tools or morphing. And i do not have idea how to make really good shadow for objects. Any idea?
  7. Egor Komarov

    iPhone 7 Plus mockup (free)

    iPhone 7 Plus made in Affinity Designer by me. Download: Iphone_7mockup.afdesign White flat style Wireframe style Realistic Black style Download: Iphone_7mockup.afdesign
  8. Egor Komarov

    1965 Ferrari Dino Berlinetta Speciale (AD)

    It is really good work.
  9. Why I can not use perspective tool in AD? How I can make normal mock-up in AD?
  10. Egor Komarov

    Android App Icon Template

    wow! Thanks!
  11. Because SVG file can not recognize fx layer style. How to convert all fx (like shadow, stroke...) to curves?
  12. What about Zeplin? Still waiting
  13. Please Add search font field.
  14. Problem resolve! I go to Fonts and create new smart collection fonts with filter "Cyrillic fonts" Русский = Cyrillic And now, I can see my Cyrillic fonts in Affinity Designer But is strange, earlier old version can see default system smart fonts collection.
  15. Hi! In new beta I can not find now "Cyrillic" group. And it is big problem. What can I do?
  16. Please! Add function to make export atrboard image in one click. Now I need make it with comand+ shift+4 - and make screenshot, and ts more faster than classic export in Affinity Designer. Will be awesome, if I can click one button or some hotkeys and Affinity Designer export image artboard to Desktop. This greatly accelerates the process of making edits in project. I often have to send files in instant messengers. Thank you!
  17. Egor Komarov

    Iphone realistic black

    Hi ) It is not a photo and just 20 min work in AD You can download this mock-up there
  18. Egor Komarov

    Awesome Gradient palette for Affinity Designer

    I have already update links. Try this http://www.demo.egorkomarov.ru/Gradient-palette-for-Affinity-Designer/index.html
  19. Egor Komarov

    Icon Pack

    awesome thanks
  20. Maybe better to move search filed to top and add function to make search in all categories not only in active?
  21. I have a lot of icons in my assets, and it is hard to find needed files. Search field will be perfect for this function UPD. Looks another comments.