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  1. Jesus Christ...I spent 1 hour trying to work this issue out and it's something as simple as disabling CapsLock....why dont you savvy guys write a small handbook of 'little' details like this for us poor users....
  2. I am having the same plugin issue with Affinity 2 (after the latest update) I point the 'add' to the correct location \on the drive where my plugins are located and they show (upon reload of Affinity) as 'working' but when I attempt to use the\m they are greyed out and unavailable. I still have Affinity version 1 running and the plugins function properly with that version. HELP
  3. I have reset my wireless mouse by removing the battery and for some reason this seems to have solved the problem. at least give it a try
  4. if you are using a wireless mouse remove the battery then replace it to reset mouse (circle of brush  not visible)

    this has worked for me so far.

  5. this happens to me while using a mouse in Windows 10, Affinity Photo V2. the circle denoting size of brush disappears and only the cross hairs are left leaving me unable to determine the size of the area being painted etc. Any fixes?
  6. Same issue...the brush remains a cross-hair and I can see the brush changing size in the properties panel but the cross-hair remains unaltered in size. The issue happens intermittently
  7. https://www.advancedinstaller.com/msix-troubleshooter.html

    try using that to troubleshoot AND install the msix file

    You may also have to update the C++ LIBs in order to be able to run the software.


    good luck


  8. you can enable downloading  apps from 3rd parties under the Windows 'Settings' in the 'Apps' menu


    you can enable installing  them under the Security menu, under the Developers menu



    one one.JPG


  9. Please look at the thread on 'fixing the MSIX issue. I found the solution (at least to my issue) by using the msix troubleshooter which let me know that I did not have the updated VC LIB package installed. Once I updated the LIB package, the installation went without any problems laz
  10. I tried all the 'fixes' listed in the forums and this is what worked for me: You probably do not have this updated VC LIBS package installed which is the following (with download link) Microsoft.VCLibs.x64.14.00.Desktop here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=102159 download the package if you have the Microsoft App installer enabled, clicking the downloaded appx file will install it. check to make sure the VC LIB file was installed by looking at your list of installed programs (Settings, Apps, Apps and features) as shown in image file below: REboot your machine and then try installing the Affinity msix file if you cannot install it with the method above, then try using Powershell as described in the article below (this is the method I used) make sure you run Powershell 'as an administrator) https://www.thewindowsclub.com/how-to-install-unsigned-appx-app-package-using-powershell-in-windows-10 I hope this helps but I still think Affinity should create a traditional loader for those who simply want to use the software and not have to go through all these hoops (I spen the better part of my morning, not doing post processing, but figuring our how to get this to work laz
  11. I also cannot seem to be able to install the package despite having the latest Windows 10 version (Windows 10 x64 Professional V10.00 Build 19044 ) , the App installer available and my Windows Update enabled. Please, I love your software (Affinity Photo) but I dont need to be a software enginerr mucking around in the Registry to be able to run photography software. Please, Please, please, create a traditional installer as if now I am unable to run software (Affinity Photo V2) that i have paid for and was looking forward to using the software laz Please, do not suggest 'solutions' from the other thread, not every solution works in every environment and I have already tried those with nil success (like the on changin a value in Registry, using the MSIX Trouble shooter, etc SOLVED BY INSTALLING UPDATED CV LIB PACKAGE - SEE OTHER THREAD
  12. I agree, I am using Affinity Photo for both photography and digital art and at times when I am doing post on an image I want to vary the opacity (burn in/dodge using a curve) and find myself unable to control the process, so yes, the ability to control opacity by pen pressure is really a necessity when I am using the Wacom tablet for post. I have experimented with the flow, accumulation, etc., and none of my experiments give a useful result if I need to vary opacity.
  13. I am having this problem with Explorer and have tried everything I know, from cleaning the thumbnails cache to adjusting the parameters in folder options to show thumbnails and not icons but still get what you see in the image below. I am running Windows 10 Pro. Can anyone help me? UPDATE: I simply unistalled Affinity (use the windows unistaller) and reinstalled and problem solved. Use the Windows unistaller via control panel since the 'detailed' uninstallers will wipe out all your settings, etc...
  14. Adding the ability to 'stack' curves adjustments in RAW editing mode to better manipulate exposure
  15. What about any recommendations for a laptop that won't break the bank but can be used with Affinity Photo? I would prefer a Ryzen (AMD) based machine. thank you for any suggestions.
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