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  1. location of assets file C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\user C is my OS drive under Windows, use your own boot drive file name is adjustments.propcol, in my case the file had grown to 1.31 GB. and anytime I clicked on the LUT selection< affinity would simply sit there and loop in a 'not responding' loop. The solution was to simply navigate to the directory above and rename the file as a backup file (filename.bak) and then reboot Affinity Photo this will clear all your presets (I can live without the LUTs as I only used a few which I could later reload) laz
  2. if you are still with Adobe, you dont know what you are missing....and at 1/2 price you are paying less for the apps than for a 1 year subscription to Adobe...give it a shot , I am beyond pleased with the results I get from Affinity Photo (take a look at Ivan Weiss using Affinity for his work)
  3. you can assign a key combination in setup as I have in image below...
  4. for some reason I cannot load the macros at all in Version
  5. I am no longer having an issue (so far) I had reinstalled on win 7 and it worked and now I have moved all my stuff to my new Windows 10 computer but have not tried it yet. I will let you know if I have an issue and if I am able to generate a work around. You will probably have to reset all your preferences. do check the opacity setting and set hardness and flow to 100% to see if that solves anything
  6. Thanks for the info, I see that those options/preferences are somewhere inside the AppData folder for the user. Sadly, even though I have Administrator rights, the folder is not accessible to me as it is a 'protected' folder. I did find a CFG file inside the Affinity folder which holds the Affinity Photo executable. Will play with this and see if I can find a workaround. AGain, thanks laz
  7. Where is the Affinity Photo preferences file stored? I am migrating to Windows 10 on another computer and would like to simply copy the preferences file over to the correct directory rather than have to go through the process of setting all my preferences (including lens data, etc) in the new machine. thank you laz
  8. thanks for the help, I was misplacing the adjustment layer in reference to the mask...used your approach without grouping and managed to get it to work.
  9. I had the same issue when watching the video, once I 'grouped' things together I could not select only the mask in order to 'paint' the eyes on it and get it to work I eventually gave up and figured they were using an older version of Affinity and it has been modified from what the video shows. I was abble to load in an image, duplicate it, then select the bottom image and alter it, then go back to the top image and create a mask and paint with the brush to reveal the changes I made to the image below,. let me know if you need a video and I will make a simple video I can upload. I know how frustrating this can be but watch the Ritson videos and stay away from the Youtube stuff until you master the basics.
  10. select the brush you are going to use and open the characteristics window for the brush and at the bottom left, where it says 'reset' go ahead and reset the brush and see what happens
  11. as you can see, you can 'paint' on the mask and it revelas the modified image underneath, the one with the BW conversion.
  12. try this file with your program and see it it works. Use the basic brush, set opacity, flow and hardness to 100% and then select the mask layer and paint on it and see if it works for you I reinstalled the software and it still failed but if i select the mask layer and invert it and then reinvert it , it seemed to get things going. mask_test.afphoto
  13. Are you running this on windows 10? I cannot get any of this to work at all, selecting and paint brushing on the mask does absolutely nothing
  14. I have now uninstalled the Daub watercolor brushes thinking that was the issue, but it was not, masking is still not working, while it does work on the Beta release. Interestingly, the 'erase' brush still functions as a 'mask' function by using it to reveal the layer underneath the layer being 'erased'
  15. you are correct, I am now installing the 650 Beta and it works fine including the masking function which does not work in the paid release Affinity Photo
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