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  1. Ir would be nice, if the macro recorder would also record commands like copy and copy reduced etc. Delete commands in existing macros would also be great. Actually you just can set them inactive. Thanks a lot.
  2. A Thumbnails overview (e.g. thumbnails panel) additional to the tabs or included in the tabs would be very nice to switch between all open files! Also a possibility to rename the tabs without saving the file to get a tab name. A function to arrange all windows ( e.g. of 14 open images) would be also good. Like Arrange windows (images) side by side, stacked. The actual windows function is not satisfying and not a real help to work with many open files (for Documentations etc.). Thanks a lot and keep on going with your good work!
  3. AF Photo 1. Doesn´t show all open files If I open more than 10 files, the menu item "WINDOWS" shows a list of open files - but it shows always just max. 10 files. The tabs also don´t show all files with a color to recognize the actual file tab. The tabs don´t shrink automatically in width to show all open files. The double arrow icon right of the tabs opens the list of all open files - but NOT in the same order like in the menu item WINDOW! (e.g. file no. 2 is listed on the 10th position in the tab file list). And no option to rename open file tabs, I just get a tab name by saving the file. The only solution is to use CTRL+TAB to click through the files to find the right one. 2. The Macro function doesn´t include all commands like "copy reduced" I use a lot to copy images into a text document.
  4. Hi, thanks for your reply. I´m fully aware of the possibilities you wrote about point 2. and 3. But for the horizontal toolbar there is just one row possible and there are also just a small amount of commands available you can add to that toolbars. Like I wrote I miss at least undo, redo and some more.
  5. Its for the affinity photo windows version. A thumbnail overview to switch between open documents (Like now with the tabs) would be very useful. I don´t mean the possibility of more open documents in tiles vertically, horizontally or so.
  6. I miss some toolbar settings like: 1. Icon size small, medium, large (because its very depending on the monitor and its resolution) 2. More Icons for commands like Undo, Redo and lots more,. Best would be if you could choose free out of all commands. 3. Two or three rows for the toolbar. Until now just one row is possible.
  7. Until now there are tabs used to switch between open documents. If there are many unnamed open documents (like I do for collections etc.) the overview lacks. It would be much better, if there would be an thumbnail overview to select between the documents (line in Serif Photo Plus)
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