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  1. Thanks for the reply. I use MacOS, I already tried your method before I posted this question. I think it's a real bug and hope it could be fixed on the next version.
  2. As the screenshot, why the SVG export includes this white square? It won't show on png file. What did I miss? Thanks for any suggestion. svgproblem.afdesign
  3. I downloaded the Beta version and tried the transparency tool but I didn't find this mode. I found it on Affinity Spotlight - Escapism in vector What did I miss? Thanks for reply or any suggestion.
  4. Hi all, Maybe it’s a stupid question, but I don’t know what’s align to “spread” "Selection Bounds" I can't understand these features. Thanks.
  5. 1.I want the reference line can change pixel by pixel or cm by cm, etc. Like, I can make the reference line 59 → 60 → 61mm or 107→ 108→109px 2. I want it can have a hotkey let me hide layers easily. I can use the keyboard, but it locked on "cmd+H" Thanks for Affinity! You really did awesome software, and I enjoy it!
  6. I have a lot of question about Publisher. Question 1 insert page number can't work. insert page number.mov Question 2 Can't change the borders of table. q2.mov Question 3 Can't insert table of contents. I can use this features when I open a new doc but it's still weird why it can't work successfully? p.s.And the attachment is my AP file. Thanks for any suggestion. publisher.afpub
  7. Another problem is I can't drag layer sometime when I run 5~10min...
  8. and in the end of the record, you can find some hand tool weird behavior. It will flash to somewhere... handToolBug.zip
  9. I can't catch the bug again, but I found new problem... Here are screen record and file. Thanks! afBug.zip
  10. Hi there, Here are 3 bugs like attach, And one is crash when I try to use prefference in AP 1.6.6 on High Sierra Thanks! Screen Capture 2017-11-08 13.11.33.mov
  11. Hi there, I just updated the new version, and I want to know these 3 features: 1. Align to key items 2. Custom brush wet edges 3. Outlier stacking mode I searched but no keywords in Affinity... Thanks for any suggestion!
  12. I sent the Original full file in your Dropbox, thanks! But it's OK, for just public example, and I forgot turn the line off in your Dropbox file.(http://imgur.com/J4gdn12) For Public.afdesign
  13. I found a ___ bugs. It all found from 1.4.2 and also in Beta 12. 1.Ghost Line http://imgur.com/J4gdn12 if it just only show the white line in AD, it's great! (help me know there is no outline) But, it also keep the white line in export file, whatever it's svg or jpg. http://imgur.com/tIQ6QIE 2.Export area can't match the object. My all objects are 50x50 http://imgur.com/ppAOkDM but use auto slice will... http://imgur.com/H7swSZP It also come with Artboard, like 1024x768 will give me 1025x768. http://imgur.com/Lbt4yH8 And, thanks for your work, I really love Affinity!!!
  14. Hi, I'm doing my 100UI project, and I use framer to make it interactive. But sometime it's too much complicated and surplus, I want some feature can make my single pic to become a gif or other file that can interact. If Affinity doesn't hv this feature plan, thanks for any suggestion to make interactive design tool.(I use framer, sketch, javascript) Thanks again!!!
  15. Sketch is top of App in UI design, but I still think Affinity Designer is better than Sketch. I'm trying framer that's a prototype tool has a plugin to Sketch and PS. Do you have any solution about transfer AD's work to other prototype tool? Or do you have any plain to design some like AE, then I can do my all prototype work on Affinity. Thanks!
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