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  1. 78deluxe

    Affinity Bible 1&2

    I have not used it, however based on the preview on Amazon it seems they use a portrait of Ezra as an example. Seems odd as I'm not aware of a connection between Frank and Affinity Revolution.
  2. I use a previous version of the NIK collection, but make sure you are running Affinity 1.7.2, previous versions had issues with plugins.
  3. I'd run a demo of this and see what you think. Works as a plugin (you will have to run the beta version of AP or an older version like 1.65) as the current 1.7 release broke the plugin support. https://topazlabs.com/impression/
  4. 78deluxe

    Affinity Word?

    A persona would make some sense. A seperate program, I don't see a lot of value to Affinity. You can buy a legitimate copy of an older version of Word for practicly nothing that does anyting one would reasonably need Word to do and it would be fully compatible with the industry standard.
  5. 78deluxe

    Plugin update with Beta -

    I came from Photoshop and quickly found I prefer adding the layer and putting the effect on that, which I can then easily adjust things like opacity or even blend modes. It is still a proper implementation in my mind, just not the one you were hoping for. If you meant non-destructivly as in within the RAW development stage, I'd see more value there....though I don't use RAW development within AP. I could see the value to users that do.
  6. Plenty of room in the market for another DAM. iMatch is $120 or so, which is more than the average consumer wants to pay for a document finding solution (without advanced RAW processing capabilites). Other programs have AI built in. ACDSEE has facial recognition, not just tagging after the fact. Many people don't need advanced AI, it is just a nice to have. Multitude of ways Affinity could break into the market with a viable solution for a number of users. Super fast viewing of RAW files and searching and Tagging for a multitue of file formats alone would be valuable at an "affinity" price point if it can be done without creating a seperate database and catalog. There is no clear winner across the board in the DAM space. Each has pros and cons. Capture One is the only one I see as the market leader in RAW processing, and that isn't even 100% necessary for a DAM solution for some users.
  7. 78deluxe

    Plugin update with Beta -

    I'm using v17.
  8. 78deluxe

    Plugin update with Beta -

    Thanks so much for this! Overall I'm seeing even better compatibility than I had in 1.6.5 (Skylum Photolemur didn't work for me before and now does) Portrait Pro, Landscape Pro and Smart Photo Editor do in fact work, can't want for the production version, so I can start using Studio Link to the full capacity! (Anthropics Body Studio 2 still doesn't seem to work, but that was a problem in 1.6.5 as well) Nik Collection Appears to work for the ones I tried as well as Franzis Color Project, B&W Project, etc.
  9. Agree and that was my main take away as well. Last night I ran across this interview with Ashley that I really enjoyed. Interesting that all of this was strongly hinted at 7 months ago, it also provided some insight that a NLE isn't on the roadmap as that would require a different "core" for such integation.
  10. To breakdown my quote a bit more. Capture One is the market leader in terms of technology and professionalism in the RAW processing space. The cell phone is the best selling camera in the world and I don't think anyone would reasonably think that is the tool professionals need to benchmark against for photography. I think of Lightroom in a similar (though not as extreme) fashion. If Serif cloned Capture One and sold it for $50, it would sell like hotcakes. While I agree and expect them to do something different, the reality is they clearly looked at the Adobe products to create the current (wonderful) trio of applications. The obvious thing to do would be to create a lighroom-like application to bring those same users in. The difference in this product space is that Lightroom is only the leader in terms of sales, not in terms of actually pushing image processing to the current limits. Thus my overall point here is that InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator WERE the best of breed and it made sense to use them as the benchmark. LIghtroom doesn't sit in that seat and I think they would sell themselves short of world domination if they chose that as the real source of what a DAM/RAW Processor can and should be. I'm positive they could produce a non-RAW processing application like Photo-Mechanic, integrate it with the trio and it would be valuable to a lot of people (including myself). But once you enter the RAW processing world, I'd like to see a market leading product (i.e. like Capture One) instead of a "it is pretty good" product like Lightroom. All the pro photographers I know seem to view the RAW processing piece as the most vital to end product quality. Capture One is priced for pros and so were InDesign, Photoshop, and Publisher when Affinity was under development. Adobe didn't introduce subscription until well after Affinity was underdevelopment. It just happened to help create a revolution, which I personally still find interesting considering the Photography package did become cheaper for some users. Photoshop + Lightroom were $700+ , that is almost 6 years worth of the $10 subscription. I personally was not a fan of either Adobe model. The one time cost was too high and a subscription is just unacceptable. I LOVE what Affinity has done on all fronts and recommend them without hesitation.
  11. Capture One is the market leader in this space, not Lightroom. I'd love to see Affinity take on that challenge. RAW processing in the develop persona is one of the few weaknesses in the suite of programs. Developing a DAM with RAW processing, color control and teathering on the level of Capture One would be remarkable. While I own Capture One, Lightroom, On1 RAW, Darktable, ACDsee I'd prefer to stay in the Affinity echosystem. Capture One has the market leading tools and performance. Don't make the mistake of thinking Lightroom is the benchmark.
  12. Developers are aware of the issue:
  13. Many that were working in 1.6.5 no longer work in 1.7, and therefore the list there is not accurate. (not to mention many of those pluigins have new updated versions not listed) Speaking from a Windows perspective, I have no interest in MACs
  14. Some do and some don't. Very few are "officially" supported.
  15. 78deluxe

    Anthropics Plugins Broken in 1.7.0

    You can add Smart Photo Editor (by Anthropics to the list). The Skylum plugins (Aurora and Photolemur) are also now inoperable. Topaz Labs Studio seems to have some glitches now as well. Only started the testing as 1.7 offiical release came out today. Really looking forward to the new release other than the new lack of compatilbity with these plugins. In the meantime, it would be nice if both version could co-exist on a machine like we had when it was in production and beta.

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