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  1. I performed some additional test. If you drag open a picture frame, set its scaling to none, place an image inside, everything is fine. If you drag open a picture frame, resize it, set its scaling to none, place an image inside, the image gets scaled by the amount the picture frame was scaled. This makes it impossible to produce a picture frame with a precise size and place an unscaled image inside, because once you resize the picture frame, the scaling of the image that will be placed inside is shifted. As a workaround, is there a way to get a picture frame with a defined size without having to resize it using the transform functions? Best regards, Hauke
  2. Hello, when I drag an image into a picture frame, although the frame is set to not scale, the image is initially scaled 93% x 84% and not 100% x 100%. I have the same problem when using data merge. This error can be corrected manually for each image by clicking on original size but for large amounts on images this becomes very time consuming. Is there a way that I could have accidentally changed the default scaling of the picture frame? Best regards, Hauke
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