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  1. Hi, beta - I can use the arrow keys to nudge selections but not the crop tool rectangle. I would expect to be able to nudge the crop tool too. Regards
  2. When I copy a live unsharp mask layer to a different image it doesn't retain settings, vibrance adjustment for example does. Thanks Regards Harry
  3. harrym

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    PS How about buying out DxO labs with your winnings and shortcutting the dev for a DAM and save Nik
  4. harrym

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    Done! Was going to say good luck but I don't think your going to need it, more like well done
  5. Hi, So I'm having a little trouble with my ColorMunki at the moment and was doing a little googling, came across this; https://www.xritephoto.eu/colormunki-display-with-free-affinity-photo.html Got me more than a little excited I know it's a bit of a leap but.... Please please tell me Affinity are going to work with X-Rite to have colour passport integration and profiling build into AP This is number one on my wish list actually I'd give up the rest of my list just to get this! Regards
  6. Thanks for the lecture, really no need to state the obvious
  7. Ah wait I didn't read your original post correctly, I thought you got a blue screen which wouldn't give you any logs. Follow v_kyr's advise Regards
  8. Yip, didn't expect that to be the issue really just posted my experience as an example. Maybe start by disabling as much as possible Hope you get things sorted Regards
  9. Hi Bobby, +1 to the replies above I recently had issues with blue screening on windows 10 home when using AP. turned out to be an issue with my wireless mouse! Nothing to do with AP. AP just happens to be my most used application. There have been some pretty big updates to home edition recently and it's difficult to pin these things down when there is nothing in logs to go on. It's a pain!
  10. Hi v_kyr, I was aware of the many wishing this feature and that thread but I hadn't seen Patrick's last comment so thanks for the link. Interesting that he's openly asking for clarification rather that keeping it in house. I'm keeping everything crossed, it would be such a win for them. Regards
  11. Hear hear And pixel nudge on arrow keys please.... Yup I'm gonna stamp ma feet and skweem and skweem for that
  12. harrym

    nudging bug?

    Well Chris did say he would (and did) move the question to Feature Requests so that was kind of a response. I'm hopeful it has been considered. Makes such a difference when you have really fine control over the movement of such things. As I said earlier it's no less useful than being able to nudge a selection. It's the one thing I miss in every edit session I do. Regards
  13. Wow the goodness just keeps coming! will download and play over the weekend Regards
  14. harrym

    nudging bug?

    Bump ..... Please please pretty please
  15. harrym

    Absinthe Art Nouveau Part 2

    Hehehe Have to say though I'm in awe of these AD artists
  16. harrym

    Make it a little different...

    +1 lovely rework of the original image
  17. I prefer the AP image, good job!
  18. Hi, Was wondering if devs have had any thoughts over how this may or may not affect Affinity product performance? https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/01/02/intel_cpu_design_flaw/ Probably not a good time to be putting any new updates or betas into the mix though! Regards
  19. harrym

    Call for Camera Images

    Hi Mark, Would you also be interested in files directly from phones? Regards
  20. harrym

    Call for Camera Images

    Canon 500D OOC - Jpeg OOC - RAW Cannon 7D OOC - RAW Sony A6000 OOC - Jpeg OOC - RAW I sense a DAM coming on........... and I like it Regards
  21. Hi High Desert, With the posted example I'd agree 500 is indeed 'excessive', TBH I'd cover that sort of image with three or four portrait stitches but that wouldn't be answering the OP's question really. 'Giga Pan' imaging is amazing when done correctly (and viewed with appropriate software!) imaging a cityscape or mountain range using a telephoto lens (appropriate focal length) to stitch up 100+ frames doesn't loss detail! https://www.willpearson.co.uk/interactive/gigapixel/infinitely-london/ Regards
  22. Hi Fossil36, The location (source load location) of the files you want to stitch is not important (if I'm understanding what your asking correctly) The issue you are having sounds like there are not enough common reference points in each of your files for the software to successfully create the stitch. If you wish to make the files available I can confirm. Regards
  23. Hi Frankinstine, Apologies, I didn't notice your new around here yes I mean Affinity Photo, and welcome! Looking at your example I would have a couple of concerns; The number of frames AP allows in a stitch. (only one way to answer that!) Quite a large portion of that image looks very dark and without reference points (maybe the original raws have detail?) I'd be pretty confident it would handle the stitching complexity with ease if reference points exists as the final image size is no larger than the stuff I work on, I just start with fewer frames. The software is free to trial. I'd be really interested in how it handles why not give it a go! Regards
  24. Hi, Is this definitely a bug Chris? as my thumbnails do update, just very slowly, certainly not in real-time. Regards