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  1. Oh thanks for that info! Doesn"t solve the problem, but now I know what's going on and can stop looking. Hope they come through soon. Thanks again!
  2. Hi, It is a compact camera (Panasonic LX100 MKII) with a fixed lens (leica DC Vario-Summilux 1:1.7-2.8/10.9-34 ASPH)
  3. Hi, After opening a RAW photo shot with my Panasonic LX 100 mk2 I check the lens correction box, but it doesn't recognize the lens. I watched the tutorial about adding lens profiles and added the compact Panasonic file, but still nothing. has anyone else had this problem and can it be solved? Thanks
  4. @R C-R Thank you for your response, that was very helpful. I'm completely new at photo-editting so the first thing I think of when something unexpected happens is that I must have done something wrong. That the effect can be reproduced on another machine means nothing went wrong on my end ;) Thanks again, L
  5. Hi, in the AP workbook I'm doing the 'Mam Tor' exercise starting at P.138, and have the .afphoto file loaded next to it for comparison. everything looks exactly the same as the snapshots in the .afphoto, up until when I get to the 'more tonal tweaks' part. mine, with exactly the same settings (checked it twice) I get a far more dramatic 'cold' look then what I see in the correspoinding snapshot of the .afphoto file. I even downloaded the source files again to be sure they were not compromised. Are the effects of the Selective Colour Adjustment Layer stronger in ver. 1.7.1 than what they were at the time the book was made perhaps?
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