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  1. That is the same thing I see when I tried to rename an existing preset I created with the older AP 1.8. This problem started with the 1.9.
  2. Just downloaded and installed the new update for AP 1.9.1. The export problem for TIFF Lab color seems to be repaired. It no longer crashes when trying to open Lab color files or when exporting LUT. But there is still one problem; it will not allow me to add, delete, or rename custom Export Presets. I have a custom TIFF export preset I wanted to rename to better distinguish it from the default preset but when I go to manage presets the buttons for "add" "delete" and "rename" will not work. Is there a workaround I don't know about or is this another bug that needs fixing?
  3. Yes, MEB, I already know about the Beta version. I have been using it to work with my LAB color files. But it is an extra step in my development process since all of my custom presets are on the main program. Hopefully you will have the new update out soon.
  4. LAB does have some advantages over RGB. LAB was originally invented to mimic the colors perceived by the human eye. Although I am not creating vectors like you I like to archive my finished images in LAB color for printing purposes. When I print with my LAB images I find that the colors of the print are visually identical to what I see on the screen. When I used to print in RGB mode certain shades of red and blue would never look come out right in the print. As MEB said in his reply there is a Beta version that can handle LAB color. I don't have Design or Publisher, but if you are getting the same crash when it tries to export or open a LAB color file then the problem is in the base coding of the program, so make sure to keep sending in those crash reports. They can't fix it if they don't know about it.
  5. I have been exporting my finished images as TIFF 32 Bit HDR files to preserve all the color and details of the Camera RAW image after development. I then use the Beta version to create 16 Bit LAB for final archiving. The reason I don't use the Beta version to do everything is because all of my custom presets are on the main program. Using the Beta version to export a Lab TIFF from the 32 bit HDR TIFF is an extra step, but at least the Beta version enables me to complete the work. Hopefully they will have an update soon that corrects these problems in the main program so that I don't have to keep using the Beta for the final export step.
  6. I don't have Design, but if it uses the same base coding as AP for its export functions then it might be the same problem. I downloaded the Beta version of 1.9.1 which is able to open 16 bit LAB TIFF. You'll have to contact a moderator to see if there is a Beta version for Design that has this problem fixed.
  7. The one I downloaded was for my Mac. I imagine they have a version for windows, but I don't know where to get it. You might want to look over the other support threads or contact AP support directly.
  8. I don't have Publisher or Design. All of my work is in photography and photo-manipulation. I also do some digital painting. So Affinity Photo is all I am using right now. I know it takes time to fix the multitude of bugs but any idea as to when the next update for the main install will be ready? Just wondering.
  9. Since the new update to fix all the bugs in AP 1.9.0 is not out yet I have been using the beta version for specific tasks that I cannot do with the main program due to the bugs making it crash. But I have noticed that I cannot create any export presets with the beta version. For example, when exporting TIFF 16 bit Lab the default preset uses ZIP for the compression, Bilinear for the resampler, and "whole document" for the ICC profile. I normally change the resampler to Lancsos 3. I normally change the compression to "None". And I normally change the ICC Profile to CIELAB D50. In the original program I had these settings saved as a preset so that I would not have to manually make these changes every time I wanted to export to this TIFF format. When the 1.9 update was installed that was when the bugs caused the program to crash when using the preset I created or trying to open images created using that preset. When I downloaded the Beta version I thought I could create the same preset so that I could continue my work while waiting for the official update with the fixes. However, when I tried to create the preset with the alternate settings the "Add Preset" would not highlight when I clicked "Manage Presets". Is this due to it being a Beta version, or is this a bug in the Beta version. If it is a bug I hope it is fixed when the new update is ready because not all the default export presets work for me and I need the ability to save the settings I create.
  10. I don't know if this has been asked yet, but I downloaded the AP 1.9.2 beta and when I opened it the program asked me to register it. I bypassed that message since I wanted to see if the problems I reported in 1.9.0 were truly fixed. But I was wondering, if I do decided to register the Beta version will it interfere with the main program already on my Mac? I was also wondering if I can keep the Beta version on my Mac to use as a backup in case I have further problems with the original program I bought?
  11. It took quite a while to download, about 45 minutes, but it does seem to work on my Mac. It did work when I used it to open a LAB color file that was a problem for AP 1.9 But all of my Camera Raw Development presets and Custom Export presets are on the main program, so I will only use the Beta version for opening problem files until the new update becomes available for the main program.
  12. I'll download and try it, but I have never installed zip compressed programs on my Mac. Every program I downloaded for my Mac was a DNG file. If it does not install I will let you know.
  13. Right now the beta is only available as a windows zip file. I am using Mac High Sierra, so I will have to wait for the regular update.
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