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  1. I've never used this "NeoFinder" so I would not know how to use it. The only thing I wish I could do with the metadata was add keywords that would be recognized by the stock sites I upload to.
  2. I am a professional photographic artist working mainly in 32 bit HDR, so I use the program pretty heavily. Sometimes I need to open as many as 20 to 30 raw files at a time to create superwide panoramas. So I guess that would make me a Power User. If I encounter any other problems or crashes I will let you know. If you're curious as to what kind of photos I create using this program I do have a portfolio with Robert Harding Picture Library. There are some very wide panoramas there that I made using Affinity Photo. https://www.robertharding.com/photographers/stevenlove/
  3. For some reason when this was enabled on my Mac it loaded raw files kind of slow and the paint brush, as well and the clone and inpaint brushes, lagged behind sometimes. After turning off that function the raw files loaded faster and the paint brush moved more easily. Could this be related to the crash problem I had? Could my Mac not be fully compatible with that function?
  4. I will untick the Metal Compute Acceleration so that I don't have this problem, but I would like to know why it was crashing when that function was enabled. So when you do have an answer please let me know. Or hopefully your techs can put out an update to correct it. By the way, I am not a computer expert. What is the Metal Compute Acceleration and what does it do?
  5. Here is the crash report. The blemish tool was at 320 pixels when the crash occurred. When I unticked the Metal Compute Acceleration I was able to set the blemish tool to its maximum pixel radius and it worked. So the Metal Compute does seem to be the problem. I included the Mac specs screenshot you requested, but I removed the serial number of my computer for security purposes. Let me know if this helps solve the issue. crash-90190.txt
  6. I don't have the crash report on hand. But I did untick the Enable Metal Compute Acceleration and that seemed to fix the problem. Did you want me to put it back and make it crash in order to get a new report, or do you know what might have caused the crash when the Metal Compute Acceleration was enabled?
  7. I was previously using version 1.7.0. Today, while using the blemish removal tool on a raw Nikon image file the program crashed. I reopened the program, sent the error report to Apple, because I am using a MacBook Pro that runs on High Sierra. After reopening 3 more times I got the same crash and error EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT) According to an Apple forum this error was created by the program sending bad data to the system and the Operating System aborted the program. I checked for an update and updated to AP 1.7.1. The update did not fix the problem. The program is still crashing while using the blemish removal tool. I did not have this problem before, but I do wonder if it is related to the memory usage. According to the Info Tab at the time of the crash the memory pressure was 32% and the memory efficiency was 36%. I did have the memory usage set originally at the factory default, but after these crashes I raised the memory usage to its maximum. But the problem is still persisting. I did a test with the blemish tool and found it works normally if the size is under 300 Pixels. When I pushed it above 300 pixels the program hangs up and crashes. Could trying to use the blemish removal tool at large pixel settings be overtaxing the program? If so, could this be another bug in the program because if the brush pixel can go above 300 then why does it not work? Please let me know because if there is a limit on how big I can push the blemish tool brush size this will limit what I can do with my images.
  8. DeepDesertPhoto

    My first HDR manipulations using AP

    Thank you. I love to chase the lightning storms.
  9. DeepDesertPhoto

    My first HDR manipulations using AP

    Hello everybody. This is the first time I am sharing images I have made with Affinity Photo. I make my living as a photographic artist primarily doing nature and landscape work, shooting in HDR. I had a computer crash a while ago and was forced to upgrade to a newer Mac. I used to use Photoshop CS5, but that program would not work on the newer Mac. Affinity Photo appeared to have a lot of the same tools and abilities as CS5 with some variations. Plus it was cheaper than going to Creative Cloud. It took me a couple of months to get used to the way AP operated, but now I have a couple of finished images to show here. Since I sell my work through stock agencies I can only post links to where I have my work for sale. I hope that won't be a problem. Thanks for taking a look. https://www.roomtheagency.com/photo/144896/ https://www.roomtheagency.com/photo/141796/
  10. I know that I am pretty late for this discussion, but I also was looking for a way to add keywords to my finished images. I just purchased APh a few weeks ago and I am still learning how to use it. It took me 3 years to perfect my techniques with Photoshop CS5, but when I upgraded my Mac from Lion OS to High Sierra the old PSCS5 no longer worked. That was when I found APh. Aph seems to have a lot of CS5's tools, although the way they are controlled is a little different. I will eventually learn them like I did with CS5. However, since I make my living as a photographic artist I upload my artwork to many stock photo sites for sale and they require good metadata. In CS5 there was an XMP panel where I could add the title description and keywords, but just as was mentioned in your discussions, it seems that only a description can be entered using APh. I have found that I can use my Mac's "Get Info" tool to add keywords, which in Mac are simply called Tags. But not all of the stock sites I upload to recognize those Mac based tags, which forces me to re-enter them manually at the upload site. I think it would be a good idea to add some kind of XMP or EXIF ability for adding keywords in a program update in the future. When I studied the contents of my old CS5 program folders there was an XMP plugin. Perhaps there is a way to add this ability to APh as some kind of Plugin.
  11. DeepDesertPhoto

    JPEG2000 Support

    Hopefully APh tech support is reading this discussion and will add JPF support as a future update.
  12. DeepDesertPhoto

    JPEG2000 Support

    I'll check into this GraphicConverter. But on the matter of opening a feature request, I thought that is what this thread was about. When I emailed APh support about this issue they sent me a link to this part of the forum and told me to post about it, which I have done. Is there another posting I need to make?
  13. DeepDesertPhoto

    JPEG2000 Support

    When I was having problems with CS5 on High Sierra the first thing I did was contact Adobe directly. I chatted on-line with one of their technicians for almost an hour trying to find out why CS5 was crashing on High Sierra. They also recommended installing Java, which I did, but it did not fix it. I sent them one of the error reports and their techs told me that it is definitely an OS compatibility problem with High Sierra. The techs also told me that CS5 and CS6 were never fully tested on Apple OS above Yosemite specifically because Adobe is no longer supporting CS5 or CS6 that originally came with perpetual licenses. Adobe wants everyone to switch over to Creative Cloud. I don't like using programs that require a monthly payment. Plus I live in a remote area of Arizona where internet connections are not stable or high speed. My maximum connection speed is only 1.50 MB per second, which is just above dial-up. My Service provider told me that the infrastructure just does not exist in my area for high speed broadband. And since I make my living as a nature and landscape photographer I sometimes have to go into remote areas where there is no internet or cellular service. One time I was on the north rim of the Grand Canyon for a week with zero cellular and no internet. So running programs that require constant internet connections, such as CC, are not practical or desirable for me.
  14. DeepDesertPhoto

    JPEG2000 Support

    One of the things I did before purchasing Affinity was check the OS requirements and it did say it is compatible with High Sierra. So far I have not had any problems with it other than the lack of JPF support. There have been 2 recent updates for High Sierra. It is now up to 10.13.4 OS. The updates are supposed to improve stability. The only issues I have had with High Sierra so far are iMovie quitting during a video edits. I make sure to send the error report to Apple since iMovie is an Apple product.
  15. DeepDesertPhoto

    JPEG2000 Support

    That is only partly true as far as Adobe. Adobe could have built CS5 to be compatible with newer Apple OS but they did not because they want users to switch over to Creative Cloud. I will not pay $10 a month to rent the use of a program. I have other programs that were made back when I was using the Lion OS and they installed without any problems on High Sierra OS. All I had to do with them was check for updates. VLC and HandBrake installed and ran fine on High Sierra without updates, which meant their programs were made to operate on many Apple OS. Adobe could have done the same if they wanted to.