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  1. There needs to be an option to change the default directory when exporting a photo. It's pretty ridiculous that the only option is for the browse location to open to the previous location. I waste a ton of time browsing through folder each time. There really should be an option to set it to default to the directory that the original file was opened from. That is where I want to export to every single time. I shouldn't have to manually browse to the folder each and every time I export a photo from a different directory. I often forget that the default, bizarre behavior is to open the browser to the previous directory. So I generally don't check (since this is different behavior from most other applications), and I have to go browse to the wrong directory where I accidently exported to, delete the mistake, then re-export to the correct folder. Or I could just move it using Finder. But any of those options are unnecessarily annoying.
  2. @firstdefence That ended up working, thank you! In case anyone else finds themselves in this situation, I'll elaborate: Actually, when I followed the steps in your second post, it didn't work the first time. It still only added a boarder to the top, and no white border was added to the bottom. Though I noticed that when I clicked "Unclip canvas", it made a few cm at the bottom of my document visible. I don't know how that bottom strip got hidden in the first place. But it was apparently included in my canvas, and for some reason was just being hidden in the display? I'm not sure exactly. Anyways, undid all actions to start from the beginning. I selected Document > Unclip canvas, then expanded the document using the steps that I described in my original post. It then worked as expected. I also tried your method, but adding the step Document > Unclip canvas before starting your steps. Doing it that way, your solution also worked.
  3. I want to expand my canvas so that every side has the same boarder width? I just want to add a white boarder to each of the four sides. I tried doing Document-> Resize Canvas, but this is not working. I have selected the anchor point to be in the center. However, when the canvas is resized, for some reason it is not expanding equally on the opposite sides. If I click the lock to constrain the ratio, the left and right boarders appear to be close to equal. But the canvas is only expanded upwards, leaving all of the white boarder on the top only, with no boarder at all on the bottom. It's acting as if I had instead selected the bottom center anchor checkbox (which I did not). If I unlock, to unconstrain the ratio, the top and bottom boarder appear to be close. But it is putting a far wider boarder on the right than on the left. The width of the right boarder for some reason is around 3 times as wide as the left boarder.
  4. When I double click the sliders for either the Temperature or the Tint adjustment in the White Balance panel, they reset to value zero. How can I make them reset to the original value, instead of zero? For example, I develop a photo that had a tint of -30% when I took the photo. I drag the Tint slider to a different value. If I double click, the value always moves to zero%. How can I change the behavior, so that it moves to (in this case) -30% instead? When this was installed on my Mac, this was the behavior of all sliders. But after I moved to Windows version, I lost all of the settings that I had.
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