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  1. I agree, it really hampers me especially when i try to use the color burn/color dodge blend modes...
  2. A number of times I found that I could not record macros when certain steps where required. I would like to see the macro capability improved. For instance, the unfortunate thing is I have not been able to create a macro for saturation masks.. It appears that affinity photo macro capability does not allow you to reorder or nest layers within the macro. Can that be allowed in the next version 1.7?
  3. the unfortunate thing is I have not been able to create a macro for saturation masks.. It appears that affinity photo macro capability does not allow you to reorder or nest layers within the macro. Can that be allowed in the next version 1.7?
  4. Thank you First Defence for your response. Affinity Photo will not allow you to save a document as TIF it requires TIFF and it sends an error message to that effect. , I had tried this already along with a number of other ideas. Lightroom catalog recognises both TIF and TIFF.It would be great if Affinityphoto would do the same. Thanks..
  5. I still use lightroom for cataloguing my pictures. 1. Will Affinity photo have a cataloguing capability in the near future? 2. Lightroom does not recognise the extension afphoto, so I cannot save Affinity worked photos, I have to export them This presents another problem. LIghroom recognises the extension TIF but Affinity saves as TIFF, I cannot save in place. I have to export then import every photo into Lightroom. This takes considerable time. Is there a way to make Affinity photos recognisable in Lighroom?
  6. thanks but none of those corrections provide for projection (perspective) cropping of part of an image and extending the perspective to larger segments of the image while maintaining the selected perspective then cropping to the selection. This is very useful to get architectural images perspective the way a user needs it to be for architectural photos. Please look at the perspective crop tool in photoshop. That is what I would like to see. Maybe someone has figured out a way to do this with macros? thank you
  7. Maybe I am missing something but I would like to see a projection crop tool as it is in photoshop. This would help greatly for architectural work. This would work great when shooting with a wide angle lens. Maybe I am missing something but I dont think it is there now. Thanks
  8. great writeup and tutorial. you might mention though that you can do color grading with the exclusion and difference blend modes. IF you add say a blue fill layer and set the blend mode to exclusion, then because of how the math works, you will get blue in the shadows and yellow in the highlights. Color grading results when you reduce the opacity of the color fill layer.. to your desired layer.. Difference works similarly
  9. Let me respond to your points RCR I do appreciate your comment. 1. irrelevant, you could always increase the field size. IF the font is too small and unreadable then it does not matter how much of unreadable text you can display 2.Similarly irrelevant, if I cannot display as much text again i can increase the field size. IF I can't read the font it is irrelevant how much unreadable text i can display 3. I do not have this problem with other software such as lightroom and photoshop . the font there is a little bit bigger, big enough to read...
  10. I can do it this way but it changes the resolution of my monitor. There needs to be a way in affinity photo to make fonts large enough so that they can be read. Right now this is not the case. even in preferences you can only change from default to large font size but the large font size is not large at all. In the macro library when you open a macro the print is so small that it is unreadable. This makes the macro feature basically unusable the macro library font size is also not controlled by the selection in preferences. It is very very small. Please provide a way to enlarge fonts everywhere within affinity photo
  11. I cannot seem to increase the font size in the macro library it is much too small for me to see. Do you have any suggestions> Also in the preferences, you can select font size as default or large but large is not very large and is still hard to see. Thank you
  12. the cursor in affinity photo is often very dark, in fact I have trouble seeing it. This happens when a variety of tools such as flood select etc are selected. Is there a way to make the cursor more visible?
  13. hanshab

    flood select tool not working in APhoto 1.6

    thanks for the input. No I have the tool set to add, I make sure of that
  14. the flood select tool when applied as new or add only changes the tolerance when you drag it over the area you wish to select. Nothing else happens. The tolerance goes to 100%. I dont believe this should happen. . While it erroneously increases the tolerance it does Not actually select anything... Also when you uncheck contiguous it still does not select the noncontiguous areas. Please repair. The selection brush tool also does not seem to select anything anymore much of the time and when it does only where the brush actually passed over