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  1. Problem open PDF Try to open PDF exported from Indesign CS6, 80 pages. Nothing happened, after a few minutes still nothing happened. Looking in the activity window showed me a very high use of memory. Almost red. With the previous version of Affinity Publisher Public Beta no problem to open PDF. Best Regards nahoj
  2. nahoj

    Crashing, crashing, crashing.

    Hello Neshiah474, with 6 layers painting, 6000 x 4000 pixel at 360 dpi, color 16 bit. After the 4th layer the ipad (pro, 1.gen, 30 gb free memory) began slowed. I made several color correction, so i had 10 layers. The ipad was very very slow. But no crash! Good luck with AP
  3. nahoj

    Crashing, crashing, crashing.

    Procreate files are 8 bit colourdepth. AP is in 16 bit. So when you print with gradients in the picture from procreate it wil not be so smooth as it can be in 16 bit After upgrade procreate 4 it has also 16 bit colourdepth! It works fine with iOS 11.
  4. nahoj

    Crashing, crashing, crashing.

    AP 1.6.4 seems to me more stabile. Or maybe it was the restart ;-). For me is AP ok. It will getting better and better and so on
  5. nahoj

    Crashing, crashing, crashing.

    The same for me. Also on AP 1.6.3, IOS 10.3.3, iPad Pro 12.9 2015, Apple Pencil. After saving a developed raw photo from canon 6d the programm crased. The app is great but need a littlle help from some frends. Keep on affinity people!