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  1. When I run a macro that requires user inputs , AP sometimes allows time for the user inputs the first time or two but then bypasses the user input step. This causes the macros I have that require user inputs to fail. What is interesting it works the first times then fails. Can you look into this please . IT almost looks like a memory leak issue but I may be wrong. Thanks.
  2. you say it does not work in LAB and should use RGB. i use LAB because of its significant advantages over RGB. saturation control works just fine when using levels in LAB. Why is it not possible to make it work in channel mixer the way it should work? Since channel mixer is offered in LAB color space please make it work as it should work or disable it. what needs to happen is that you need different controls to make it work correctly in LAB mode....further, the user guide is vacuous wrt LAB mode. thanks
  3. i agree. first the channel mixer user guide descriptIon for LAB should be corrected. second gabrielm said that in A opponent the slider goes from green to red. actually it goes from green to magenta. further when you move the slider you adjust green but not magenta. The levels adjustment works correctly. when you selec Ao and adjust the darks in levels you adjust green, when you adjust the lights you adjust magenta. It works the same for Bomcorrectly. This is as it should be. this is not the case with the channel mixer. the sliders in channel mixer are set up for single color i believe, but in LAB you adjust two colors ( green and magenta with Ao and blue and yellow with Bo.
  4. Just to clarify, I saw this issue with levels also in 1.6 version. Sometimes the histogram would show up and sometimes it would not. Thanks
  5. even when using offsets i feel it's broken. And the user guide is vacuous wrt LAB. For instance in AO pull down when you modify the lightness slider you are changing magenta. when you modify the BO slider you are again modifying magenta... This should not happen. I hope Serif can fix this like it works in photoshop. I use LAB color mode almost exclusively due its strong benefits.
  6. its still broken in LAB. even with a flattened image.
  7. Ich auch habe die 1.7.1 und 1.7.2beta runtergelassen. 1.71 hatte Probleme mit LAB in selective color adjustment, wurde aber korrigiert in 1.7.2 beta. 1.7.2 hat immer noch Probleme mit channel mixer in LAB.
  8. I may be missing something but when I select 32 bit output format in the develop assistant in the develop module, the output (color profile) slider selects sRGB IEC61966-2.1 (linear) which I think is the 8 bit version. I checked this in Wikipedia. However when I develop the photo and goes to the Photo persona it is in 32 bit mode. So O fee; the the slider in the develop persona is not correct when it selects sRGB IEC61966-2.1 (linear). There are a variety of color formats that can be selected in that slider but the RGB32 format cannot be selected. This is the video format that the photo persona seems to go to. I believe the slider in the develop module should reflect what was selected in the develop assistant Thank You
  9. I believe the channel mixer in LAB color space may still be broken and the user guide for channel mixer only talks about RGB mode Here is what it says: The following settings can be adjusted: Output Channel: Select a colour mode from the first pop-up menu. Specify a single colour channel to apply the adjustment to, including the layer's alpha channel. Select from the second pop-up menu. The sliders control the contribution of the named colour to the selected output channel. Drag the slider to the left to decrease the level of the named colour, drag the slider to the right to increase it. When in LAB and say you select AOpponent from the drop down then when you reduce the AO slider to ninety percent you have taken out most of the magenta and the green remains. Once you go past zero to the negatives nothing more happens. When you move the AO slider to greater than 100% you increase the magenta. So even though the slider allows you can go below zero to negatives, nothing really happens. Now when you move AO to 50%. IN any case when you move BO to 50% with the AO selected in the drop down, you basically get close to the original because you are adding yellow but you cannot add blue. When selecting BO and making the same adjustments it acts similarly although for different colors. In any case the user guid is wrong for LAB and I feel there is an issue with the way the sliders are set up for LAB which acts differently than RGB. AM I MISSING SOMEHTING?? THANKS
  10. Actually I am agreeing with you in my statement above I got the blue image as well when I set Ao and Bo both to zero... Even when fixed, the channel mixer will work differently in LAB than in RGB. The Ao and Bo sliders don't really work right now and I dont know what algorithm was used. I would not even speculate...
  11. My experience is as follows in LAB. When you reduce say Ao to 50% then what happens is that only the magenta is reduced to 50% but not the green it stays at 100%. When you reduce the Bo ( after resetting the Ao to 100%) what happens is only the yellow gets reduced to 50%, the blue does not get reduced. I believe that is what IPv6 may mean. BUT in LAB the AO and Bo sliders each work on two colors which is not the case in RGB . However, if in Ao you reduce both Ao and Bo to 50% then the colors are true. Same is true in Bo . Is this the way it should be? Thanks
  12. I also found the shadows slider in tone mappings does absolutely nothing on a variety of photos. The highlights adjustment there is extremely sensitive. in the photo person the highlights. shadows adjustment should NEVER be used. The live filter version gives strange results win RGB when you apply stronger versions of the filter. by changing the contrast All this is suggesting that the algorithm may need to be reworked. thanks
  13. I think it would be a very good idea if Serif would let users know that the shadows highlights adjustment should not be used as Andy states above. Would save some users frustration. thanks.
  14. hanshab

    Nik Collection

    I have the old NIK collection, I had paid Google for it before it went free at Google. I t works just fine as long as you follow the instructions given in earlier Affinity tutorials. I use it all the time.
  15. Please look also at my input given here. I have not received any response about this but it is a real problem for me. Selective color adjustment does not work win LAB color space Please see and give me some input sas to when this will be fixed. Thanks a lot here is my input:

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