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  1. I must start to read my eMail's on the day I get them....not just flag them in order of priority ........
  2. CircularWebs

    Download Link

    Can't please everyone...
  3. Nice presentation, although I was aware of the effect I never thought of a use, thanks for a good opening to the uses to the effects I had just ignored.....
  4. Simply that easy as RC-R states one point maybe I missed make sure 'pixel' is chosen in the 'New Document - Document Units' there is access to 'edit Document' and correct/change 'Document units' in your current doc, > Document > Resize Document > (option to choose units as well as resize.)......
  5. CircularWebs

    Luminar 2018 notes

    Thats really DEEP man........ Thanks for the plugin ref... although I'm not planning this step, how would using as a plugin affect Luminar as a stand alone app?
  6. CircularWebs


    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I'm sold, just downloading from the App Store...
  7. Are the layers in the right order for the result you want?
  8. CircularWebs

    The Box Set by Wren

    They look great, thanks, lots to choose from. I had no problem getting them, paying or downloading..
  9. Is there an affinity photo tutorial for creating a painting from a photo or making a photo into a painting. I found tutorials for Photo Shop on YouTube and recognise the similarity with some of the stages/settings but as I have never used PhotoShop I would rather have an Affinity Photo version. Thanks in advance.
  10. CircularWebs

    Texture Brush Packs x12 [Organics]

    This is a great pack and a lot of work, Thanks for sharing Stuart. :wacko:
  11. Have you tried 'Adjustment layer or Live Filter Layer' then choose from the roll-down's, there is a tutorial for this, I've watched but can't put my finger on it.... :wacko: Also burn brush on a pixel layer, so you can delete and try again if the effects not what you wanted...
  12. CircularWebs

    Affinity account

    Should be on your Apple App Store "Purchased" page...any problems reinstall....

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