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  1. Nice presentation, although I was aware of the effect I never thought of a use, thanks for a good opening to the uses to the effects I had just ignored.....
  2. Simply that easy as RC-R states one point maybe I missed make sure 'pixel' is chosen in the 'New Document - Document Units' there is access to 'edit Document' and correct/change 'Document units' in your current doc, > Document > Resize Document > (option to choose units as well as resize.)......
  3. Thats really DEEP man........ Thanks for the plugin ref... although I'm not planning this step, how would using as a plugin affect Luminar as a stand alone app?
  4. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I'm sold, just downloading from the App Store...
  5. They look great, thanks, lots to choose from. I had no problem getting them, paying or downloading..
  6. Is there an affinity photo tutorial for creating a painting from a photo or making a photo into a painting. I found tutorials for Photo Shop on YouTube and recognise the similarity with some of the stages/settings but as I have never used PhotoShop I would rather have an Affinity Photo version. Thanks in advance.
  7. This is a great pack and a lot of work, Thanks for sharing Stuart. :wacko:
  8. Have you tried 'Adjustment layer or Live Filter Layer' then choose from the roll-down's, there is a tutorial for this, I've watched but can't put my finger on it.... :wacko: Also burn brush on a pixel layer, so you can delete and try again if the effects not what you wanted...
  9. Should be on your Apple App Store "Purchased" page...any problems reinstall....
  10. Thanks, I am ploughing through the tutorials too, this looks like it will really assist once I'm finished, good looking reference.. :rolleyes:
  11. this explains it well :blink: ....I thought so?
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