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  1. It was a problem between screen and keyboard at my end. Thanks for your help Mick. The only thing left for me to figure out is how to create the custom leader text style.
  2. It took a while to make Tabs work in Affinity Designer. Perhaps it's a better way of doing it, but it's so different to what I am used to. It would be nice to have the option of setting all distances from the left-edge as well as what is the default of setting the distance of the current tab from the previous tab. I am mocking up an existing client's form so I can edit it as required for documentation purposes. The text needs to be black and the leader needs to be grey. The leader needs to be thinner than Affinity's default tab leader. How can I modify the line weight and colour of the Tab Stop Leaders?
  3. Designed to help you create balanced asymmetric designs and patterns, the third class in the Golden Ratio series has just been released on Skillshare. Note: Permission to use the Affinity Designer logo has been obtained. Premium Link: If you already have a Skillshare Premium account, use this link: skl.sh/2D0QUPx If you want to sign up to Skillshare Premium to watch any class, use the same link skl.sh/2D0QUPx. At the time of writing, sign up and receive the first two months membership free. Cancel any time during the first two months. Free Link: Alternatively, the first ten people to use the following link will have free access to this class: skl.sh/2SrPnX1 Note: This free-access link is set to expire at the end of November 2018. With an Affinity Designer file and examples included with the class, you can get up to speed with the golden ratio and learn how easy it is to introduce a sense of harmony and cohesion to your work; no matter how simple or complex. Learning to apply the golden ratio to your work couldn’t be easier. The class is 33 minutes in duration and an Affinity Designer template file is included. To make the creation of these patterns easy, we will be exploring Affinity Designer’s Donut and Pie tools. We will also play around with the Cog tool; one of Affinity Designer's parametric shapes. The cog tool is so versatile, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t been using it. So Now There are Three Want to know more about how you can make the most of the golden ratio, check out all three classes: – Asymmetrical Drawing & Lettering with the Golden Ratio skl.sh/2JZ4h2Y – Create a Vintage Style Logo from Concentric Circles and the Golden Ratio skl.sh/2P7B08J – Concentric Radial Patterns & Infographics with the Golden Ratio skl.sh/2D0QUPx Note: All three classes feature Affinity Designer.
  4. My latest class on designing a vintage style logo with concentric circles and the golden ratio is now on Skillshare. All the examples presented in this class were drawn in Affinity Designer. For the first two days, this class will be free or until the class reaches 20 students whichever comes first. You may need to set yourself up with a free Skillshare account in order to see all the lessons. Here is the link: https://skl.sh/2P7B08J
  5. Thanks BobsDaubs I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think about the class. I'm always looking for things I can improve. Kind regards Chris
  6. Now on Skillshare here: http://skl.sh/2GjWV8q Note: I have renamed this class. It was "Create a Space-Themed Illustration". This class covers a range of easy to master skills, from cooking, to 3D rendering, to digital painting. Part 1 – The Pancake Moon In Part 1 of the class, you will learn how to: make pancakes in your kitchen using Affinity Photo, make equi-rectangular projection texture and bump maps out of the pancake's cratered surface using Cheetah 3D, wrap the texture and bump maps around a sphere, and render your pancake moon. We will be using Affinity Photo to create our texture and bump maps, and Cheetah 3D to render the pancake moon. Part 2 – Painting a Starry Nebula With Affinity Photo, you will learn how to: use shapes to create stars and simple lens flares use the standard set of Affinity Photo brushes to paint star fields and a nebula composite your moon with your starry nebula, and fine tune the lighting of your moon. Here is the permanent link to the class: http://skl.sh/2ooIWa9 Note: This link requires a subscription to Skillshare. Please use this link if you already have a subscription, or you are intending to sign up to Skillshare. I'm not sure what the current deal is, but Skillshare sometimes offer free access to all their classes for a limited time. Links to other space-themed classes by the following Skillshare teachers are available from this class. But wait, there's more... Free Access Link: http://skl.sh/2ogF9L2 Note: This free access link is limited to the first 12 people who use it and is valid up until the 28th of February 2018. It only provides free access to this class. You may need to sign up, and it's free. It's best viewed on a desktop browser or tablet. I hope you enjoy the class. Disclaimer: I have no affiliations with Serif nor Cheetah 3D. This is not an official Serif nor Cheetah 3D class. Permission was obtained for using the Affinity Photo and Cheetah 3D logos for the purpose of class promotion.
  7. Thanks - This works perfectly. I also like the options, e.g., adding it to the Apple (System) colour picker which makes it available to other apps.
  8. Add me to the list as well. I’m also supplying graphics for industrial control systems that only accept *.bmp files.
  9. In this class, I’ll show you how to design a Victorian period-inspired monochromatic brick pattern. For those with a Skillshare Premium subscription, or who want to sign up, please use this link: http://skl.sh/2z5HyvL The Affinity Designer files I used can be downloaded from within the class. For those who don’t have a Skillshare subscription, here is free access to my class for the first 10 people to take this offer up, or the 8th of November, whichever comes first: http://skl.sh/2zzQNVv
  10. Thanks Alfred I'll try to track down who to contact at Serif. Or if someone at Serif sees this, please let me know who to contact. Background: My tutorials are design focused with half the focus on drawing by hand, and the other half on reproducing the hand-drawn image using vector drawing tools. None of my classes set out to be a "How to Use Affinity Designer" tutorial; so not using Affinity's brand assets isn't a problem for me. Someone suggested I identify Affinity Designer in the title of my classes, so I thought it wise to make enquiries. I noticed that there are third-party tutorials on YouTube that use Serif's branding, and at least one on Skillshare, but as to whether they have permission to do so, I have no idea.
  11. Hi I’m putting tutorials together on Skillshare about designing with grids, and I use Affinity Designer as my vector drawing tool of choice. Some teachers feature the software they use, e.g., Ai in the title and/or cover image for the class. What is Serif’s views on the use of the name ‘Affinity Designer’ and logo in third party tutorials, and are there any usage/style guide requirements? Chris
  12. Thanks Jer for your review. I'm keen to see what you come up with. Cheers Chris
  13. Here is a link that gives the first 10 people to use it, free access to this class. The link is valid for one week (first week of October), or when all ten places in the class have been taken, whichever comes first. http://skl.sh/2xK8diq Note: I have renamed this class to 'Design a Simple Decorative Band' for two reasons: Although the patterns can be used for borders / framing, I have not covered how to handle the corners, and I needed to standardise the vocabulary I'm using to classify patterns. The term 'band' is better suited to what is covered in this class. With the next class, I'll outline a taxonomy of sorts. Any feedback will be gratefully received, and with each class I post in the forum, I'll include some free spots for Affinity users.
  14. Hi jer. I fully understand your stance on software subscription models. I don’t use Adobe for this reason, and I dislike Microsoft more than ever since having to go with their subscription model for outdated and incomplete products. I initially tried Skillshare’s free period, which I think was one month at the time. I then joined up with a view to extending my teaching skills into the online area as a form of inexpensive professional development. It’s been a short and steep learning curve, however, the Skillshare staff have been wonderfully supportive through the process of putting classes together. Other teachers classes have also helped. It’s also been a good platform for gauging whether people find my classes useful; so far, so good. For someone who is unknown like myself, it’s a good place to start out teaching and building a following. Once I have half-a-dozen or so classes, I plan to update and re-package them for pay-per-class platforms, then ultimately self-hosting using PayPal/gumroad or similar service. My current day job will get in the way, so this may take a year or two, or three. Another teacher told me the other day of another option, where I can provide free access to my classes with a link. It doesn’t give you access to any other classes on Skillshare, and I make no royalties from it. From what I understand, the link provides first-come, first-served access for the first, e.g., ten people who use it. I was thinking of trying it out on this forum with my next class. I’ll look into it this weekend for this and my first class. It would be nice to get some feedback from non-Skillshare students. Cheers Chris