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  1. Well thankfully I thought it was a bug. Having done the same thing on another image and not knowing why it wasn't responding the same as before. It's an odd paradigm, that makes sense when explained but sits at a level where most users wouldn't expect to need to learn.
  2. Yes I agree completely, there are some amazingly intuitive things in Affinity, where the learning curve is minimal, this is the opposite of that.
  3. Thank you so much - you are right, Why is that though? Seems like a weird unintuitive extra thing to have to do?
  4. I have an image, that I can't select a part of . I use a rectangular marquee tool but can't select a part of the image. I select a part of it, to duplicate it to extend the background, but it just duplicates the whole layer, even if I try to lasso and drag a part of the image, it just moves the selection not the content I've selected.
  5. Yes, very odd, I'm glad in a way it's NOT Affinity at fault, however I can't see why Adobe manages to render correctly irrespectively. Thanks so much for that background colour tip, never knew about that!
  6. Out of interest, as I'm new to Affinity, how did you do that black line block behind the text? Decorations?
  7. Thanks - That is so weird, I downloaded your file and it doesn't look like that on my machine. How bizarre, what font management app are you using out of interest?
  8. Hi, it doesn't matter how I do it, if I cut and paste from Indesign, or open an IDML, even importing a PSD, it changes it, it's very odd and Caps Lock isn't the problem. What I don't understand is why Adobe can display it correctly.
  9. Hi Thanks. It’s OTF & on the Mac and I tried switching the obvious type characteristics, the weird thing is that it’s just that font . I just can’t see how/why Adobe renders it correctly when it even shows up oddly (like Affinity) in the font manager as well.
  10. Hi Very weird thing, I'm using this font called "Rockness", and it displays perfectly fine in Adobe Suite yet when I try and type the same thing in Affinity I get this. Doesn't really matter what I type, the whole character mapping seems all over the place. Frustratingly I'm not having to go back to Adobe CS just to type out this line. Any explanation appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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