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  1. Thanks for doing that, although I can't really do a decent cut out with a vector shape can I?
  2. Thanks but if I do that I lose parts of the image that I may want to use later, or possibly resize. It's very destructive.
  3. @GarryP yes this is exactly what I'm referring to. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the reply, but that's not quite what I'm talking about. I'm talking about that a mask only extends to the canvas/stage/document edge), so any of the original image that is outside of the canvas/stage isn't masked. So if you look at the attachment, I dragged the models into position, then cut them out of the background, but when I go to move them slightly, the masked area only extended to the edge of the canvas/stage, so I have to then add to the mask each time.
  5. Hi I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I'm finding masking a real pain in Affinity, on some levels it's fantastic but it's things like this that are making it difficult to use consistently. I bring in an image of a ball for example, mask it, place it on a background, all good, want to move the ball, because the mask is the stage around that wasn't the ball, as soon as I move the image anything that wasn't on the original stage is NOT masked, so I have to then add to the mask, this is really frustrating, I've checked to see if I'm just missing something, but the masking just seems the wrong way around, also it's very difficult to just then edit the mask with the selection box to delete the new area that's moved into the canvas/stage. Am I missing something, hopefully I'm going about things the wrong way? Thanks in advance.
  6. yes I was just using a standard brush as far as I could see, and had certainly never changed them. It's not doing it now, so I'm just sure what it (or I) was doing.
  7. Thanks for trying to help but unfortunately ticking it off or on makes no difference, it just makes the edges harder, I still get a halo. I'm going to have to go to Photoshop to get this job done *sigh*
  8. Hi One of the frustrating things I find about Affinity Photo is suddenly things just stop working in a certain way and I can't figure out how or why? I'm created a duplicate image and have masked, and what to paint on the mask, suddenly I'm getting this "edge" on the brush, whereas before I got a soft edge that faded as one would expect, it's suddenly started doing this and it's driving me mad figuring out why (or when such a feature like this would be necessary anyway?) Is there a simple solution or something I've clicked incorrectly that can sort this out and just return to a normal use before I'm forced to revert to Photoshop. Kind regards William
  9. +1 for a solution but would it not just be easier to implement it in a similar way to Photoshop ie Locking/unlocking layer.
  10. Sorry is this something that has changed in the latest version? I can't find the "Lock Children" context menu tick box?
  11. Hi Thanks, they are already Global colours, I never coloured them, I imported a document from Illustrator that had these colours, I added them to the Swatches panel and made them global, when I change the colours they do NOT change the colours on the elements. I'm not sure what the colour itself has to do with anything though? I don't wish to change any of the other colours, was just wondering if Affinity had to the option to do what Illustrator could do, or whether I'd have to unfortunately go back to Illustrator. Thanks.
  12. Okay let's say they are orange and blue and I want to change them to pink and purple. There are 1500 icons in the documents and instead of selecting all the orange bits I want to change everything that's orange to pink as I can do in Illustrator. - Thanks.
  13. Sorry I'm not sure why the colours matter? All I want to do is change the colour in a Designer document (so Vector) as I can do reasonably easily in Illustrator. Thanks.
  14. They are vector icons in Designer. Not PNGs or Bitmaps in Photo, which I know how to change via the colour brush.
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