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  1. Hello Yes i need - client want on same products promo on whole double page. I think there will be no lines that can be seen because of glued binding but that is not the point. I need a solution not how to close eyes and dont see wrong bleed.
  2. Hello Iam creating large catalogue of products. The company want to print it and it will be glued binding so I need set up facing pages and bleed 3mm from all sides because the pages will be printed separately and then glued. Problem is with graphic. I use color boxes under text for category name that goes to edge of page. When I end it at the end of page on pdf with bleed is missing but the 3mm part shows on previous page.... Any idea to solve this problem? Thank you. Please see the attachment.
  3. For me it is a BIG problem too. Sometimes clients send me prepared posters or business cards and I just need to set it for print on A4 or SRA3 format but when I place PDF file the fonts are missing. So another case when I must use indesign....
  4. I make exactly what @MEB suggested. Force pixel alignment set ON and move by whole pixels OFF - then I moved with all the artboards but I make frame by frame animation so I have a row of artboards so I have moved just first one a thnen align to top all of the others. And others have Y coordinate wrong
  5. Thank you @walt.farrell i see now that the walue is much longer and no integer but the question is why it changes? I set the walue of the firt picture to be exact number and allign others to first and now I see that it is no exactly correct
  6. OK so I did exactly what you say and update 510 pieces of artboards to have integer number of position and dimmensions. But still with no 100% result
  7. Thank you for your help but I dont understand how can position coordinates on artboard can affect it dimmensions.... as you can see the width and height is whole number and for export to folder is position on artboard irelevant. Now with so many artboards it will take hours to repair evry pixel
  8. Hello I have quiet big project and need to export it in png, but when I want to create slices from my artboards it creates different dimmensions than artboard is. It is just +1 pixel but the assets I have created should be exact dimmensions. I just cant update manually 500 slices Any advices? Záznam_obrazovky_2020-09-15_o_13_48_22.mov
  9. Hello. More appearance and appearance effects is must for designers. I am creating styles for texts in illustrator and text must be editable so I can use it on whole graphic. Adobe Illustrator have this great function and I can there use effects on the stroke or fill layers and create text styles.
  10. Hello My export button dissapear from slices panel so I cant export it. Záznam_obrazovky_2020-05-21_o_14_00_58.mov
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