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  1. bajqo

    Data merge

    Hello Data merge ist must have for Publisher. I have designer, photo and publisher and still must open InDesign for data merge :(
  2. Hello After wake up my macbook pro from sleep mode or screen saver the affinity designer workspace is black and I cant see nothing. After restart it is OK. Please see the attachment, this is after come from screen saver.
  3. Hello I was working for around 3 hours on my NAS. I save the file several times but during last saving proces the NAS accidentaly disconnect. I connect it again but the file is 0b now and I cant open it. Any idea to recover the file? I dont uderstand why I dont have my latest version of document. Thanks for any help.
  4. bajqo

    Snapping issue

    WAlso when I copy object with holding alt and drag there is no snapping. After release a copy of object and then move it again the snapping start to work. Its horrible because if i want a exact number of copies with same space I cant do it with cmd+J after copy first because of snapping. Frustrating when creating patterns.
  5. bajqo

    Snapping issue

    Copy with cmd works, thanks :)
  6. Hello I made a pattern and copy it nex to another and so on... There is no space between patterns but after export to JPEG i can see the spaces between each pattern object.
  7. bajqo

    JPEG export space issue

    Hello, Just got the messages. Files in attachment. pattern.afdesign
  8. Hello Just bought affinity designer and trying to learn how it works but every time when click on artistic text tool or uses shortcut T affinity designer crashes. I cant write any text. The whole report of crash is in attachment. Thanks for any help.
  9. Hello, You can find both crashes, from original and beta version in attachment. affinity_designer_beta_text_crash.rtf affinity_designer_crash_text_report.rtf
  10. I try to download and install the beta but I have still the same problem.