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  1. I make exactly what @MEB suggested. Force pixel alignment set ON and move by whole pixels OFF - then I moved with all the artboards but I make frame by frame animation so I have a row of artboards so I have moved just first one a thnen align to top all of the others. And others have Y coordinate wrong
  2. Thank you @walt.farrell i see now that the walue is much longer and no integer but the question is why it changes? I set the walue of the firt picture to be exact number and allign others to first and now I see that it is no exactly correct
  3. OK so I did exactly what you say and update 510 pieces of artboards to have integer number of position and dimmensions. But still with no 100% result
  4. Thank you for your help but I dont understand how can position coordinates on artboard can affect it dimmensions.... as you can see the width and height is whole number and for export to folder is position on artboard irelevant. Now with so many artboards it will take hours to repair evry pixel
  5. Hello I have quiet big project and need to export it in png, but when I want to create slices from my artboards it creates different dimmensions than artboard is. It is just +1 pixel but the assets I have created should be exact dimmensions. I just cant update manually 500 slices Any advices? Záznam_obrazovky_2020-09-15_o_13_48_22.mov
  6. Hello. More appearance and appearance effects is must for designers. I am creating styles for texts in illustrator and text must be editable so I can use it on whole graphic. Adobe Illustrator have this great function and I can there use effects on the stroke or fill layers and create text styles.
  7. Hello My export button dissapear from slices panel so I cant export it. Záznam_obrazovky_2020-05-21_o_14_00_58.mov
  8. Yes, no problem.But please repair it becouse I have plenty of customers waiting for prints and cant export anything I try to copy and paste from designer to illustrator but It cant be done. Affinity designer crushes and dont copy anything. Otvaracie hodiny.afdesign
  9. Hello, I have exactly same problem.... cant export any file, affinity designer still crushes... affinity crush.mov affinity crush.mov affinity crush.mov
  10. I have VersaCamm SP - 540i and works well on win10 and win7.
  11. Thank you @MickRose now that works great. Thank you for your help.
  12. Hello, original AD file in attachment. @MickRose ADes latest 481??? - I have Affinity Designer latest version 1.7.3 I choose file - export - PDF - PDF (for print) And I dont know if it is Affinity Designer or VersaWorks problem but If I export pdf or jpeg on white background it print extremly light magenta, not white. But If I open it in designer (pdf file) there is CMYK - 0 0 0 0 etikety_tlacova_priprava.afdesign
  13. No problem with that. Original file in attachment. etikety_tlac_40ks.pdf - multipage pdf exportet directly from affinity designer that cant be opened in VersaWorks palava tlac.pdf - file exportet directly from affinity designer (same file as the multipage) and VersaWorks open it properly with cut contour. etikety_tlac_40ks.pdf palava tlac.pdf
  14. Hello. Befor latest update I was able to create multipage pdf that I can open in VersaWorks rip software for printing on Roland printers. But now it cant be opened and program came out with error message The file is corrupted and dont open it. If I export pages separately as for example two documents VersaWorks open the documents with no problem and can be printed. Before latest update It works fine but now dont. Help please
  15. Hello Data merge ist must have for Publisher. I have designer, photo and publisher and still must open InDesign for data merge :(
  16. Hello After wake up my macbook pro from sleep mode or screen saver the affinity designer workspace is black and I cant see nothing. After restart it is OK. Please see the attachment, this is after come from screen saver.
  17. Hello I was working for around 3 hours on my NAS. I save the file several times but during last saving proces the NAS accidentaly disconnect. I connect it again but the file is 0b now and I cant open it. Any idea to recover the file? I dont uderstand why I dont have my latest version of document. Thanks for any help.
  18. Copy with cmd works, thanks :)
  19. Hello, Just got the messages. Files in attachment. pattern.afdesign
  20. WAlso when I copy object with holding alt and drag there is no snapping. After release a copy of object and then move it again the snapping start to work. Its horrible because if i want a exact number of copies with same space I cant do it with cmd+J after copy first because of snapping. Frustrating when creating patterns.
  21. Hello I made a pattern and copy it nex to another and so on... There is no space between patterns but after export to JPEG i can see the spaces between each pattern object.
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