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  1. I totally agree with your response, and also there is a body of users who are using it -like me and some colleagues, for matte paint work, vfx, ilustration etc. Affinity Photo is great because it allows us to work with 32bit files in Aces. BUT it is a hell of a nightmare missing this fundamental feature, and not having it makes our work a lot longer, harder and more complicated. I do too feel really disappointed with v2 not having this fundamental feature, it’s come a surprise reading it here, and I guess I’ll try the new app, but right now I do not feel seduced by the launch of the new versions, this feature I expected, a basic one. best ñgo
  2. Hi Dan, Thanks. It happens when using the On Screen Control. Sorry I can not give you any further detail of when does it stop working, today I tried it again and didn't work, so I invoked the export from the menu, upon hit save I did hit the "OnscreenControl export" button accidentally and to my surprise ANOTHER export window popped up while the original one (finder style to select name etc) was still there underneath. Good to know, I hope they solve it soon. Thanks for your interest and time Dan.
  3. Hi Affinity, I have issues when mapping some shortcuts to Wacom Express-keys and On-screen controls do not work. Affinity Photo. CintQ 22HD DTK-2200 Drivers: 6.3.46-1 (macOS 10.14 - 12) Mac OS Monterrey 12.4 Shortcuts function normally when keyboard is manually pressed. BUT: Some shortcuts do not work correctly when mapped to express key and/or On Screen Control. SHORTCURTS not working when mapped, nor with pen or mouse: -View shortcuts (view fit, command+1) and (view 100%, command+0). If a layer or group is selected in the layer panel at the moment of pressing the express-key: LAYER OPACITY is changed sometimes to 10%, and after a few clicks it may bring it back to 100%. Erratic behavior. -Export shortcut (shift+alt+command+S). Sometimes works, sometimes does not. Erratic behavior. -Library Macros only are only activated when clicked using the mouse. Using the wacom pen does NOTHING. SHORTCUTS working properly when mapped to an On Screen Control: B (brush) E (eraser) Color Picker Tool (I) Thanks.
  4. There is only a search for improvement in our comments, suggestions based on experience. I don´t think anyone here aims for any individual whim satisfaction. And sure everyone of us has a different way of doing things, some are right handed, other left handed etc. Is there option for left handed people in AP? That´s the reason for UX design being so important, it directly conditions functionality and affects productivity, user experience and user satisfaction. Not looking at how other apps do things in a better way, in less clicks, in a more comfortable way for the user etc. is denying before hand any possible improvement.
  5. I came here for a request though: It´d be super helpful to have a LAYER SELECTION SHORTCUT as does Clip Studio Paint. Pressing D + pen click on a screen area selects the topmost active layer on that position. Upon releasing the pressed key the app goes back to the previous tool (painting etc.).
  6. I find your analysis serious and reasonable, it should definitely be listened. Another reason not to place the ticker or eye on the right side of the layers panel: Iin my case -being right handed, and liking as I do to have the layers on the right- this place is the farthest right border of my CintQ22: the problem here is that the borders of many pen-displays are the most INACURATE areas regarding pen position, because it is in these areas where the parallax correction algorithm applied to the pen position is least accurate. That is why many times one needs to click several times until you manage to click in the active pixels. This drives me crazy many times every day, and I do not need nor want to experience this Affinity rejection emotions.
  7. I would like to have a shortcut for this, so that I could have a key asigned to it and wacom menu button configured.
  8. I just can not believe after so many years this has not yet been implemented. It is so basic an needed.
  9. Hi, just got here in search of a solution for the sluggishness of Affity Photo. I am on Mac, Monterrey 12.2.1 64GB RAM, dual GPU ( AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT and Radeon Pro WX 9100 ). I have just raised the Affinity Photo available RAM from the default 48GB to 54GB. No improvement as you can see in the attached video. I need to work on some 8k files, ACES. The program response is unbearable at this res. I am not running any heavy load apps in the background. Any help shall be very welcome. IMG_3870_cnvtd.mov
  10. Hi, thanks for take the time to answer. I think I did not explain myself correctly. Your explanation of how to achieve pressure control is very clear, no problem getting it working. My dislike goes to the Affinity Photo UIX. -I feel this fundamental control (brush pressure) should be placed in the top menu of the PAINT BRUSH TOOL, somewhere easily accessible, not deep inside the brush definition. -Also I find useless having 22 default Basics brushes all of them without pressure activated. My previous comment was referred to this, to use pressure in any of these brushes then one must edit each of them, and this is several clicks away. The use of this brushes is unknown to me, what for would I want a brush that behaves like a mouse when we have pressure tablets!. If I make enough pressure with the pen I get 100% flow from the beginning of the stroke. I see no need for these "no pressure" brushes. Another thing regarding the UIX for the affinity team: please make PAINT BRUSH TOOL to be automatically selected once a brush from the brushes library is selected. Thanks!
  11. This solution "context menus" solution is not valid for Affinity Photo. Check this one if you are a Photo user:
  12. Regarding Affinity Photo. Hi, I find absolutely ridiculous having to manually set the pressure inside brush settings, I have to do it for every single brush I might get to use. This should be set for pressure by DEFAULT if a tablet is detected. Also, I´ve gone mad trying to find that "controller" command in the "context menu" ´till I found this thread. Someone should specify that one appears on Affinity Designer´s context menu.
  13. And Voila, infinite thanks for this clear, simple and direct explanation Telemax. I just started with OCIO-ACES and bumped with the export issue no matter how many posts I read until I found yours. I really think, given the fundamental importance of OCIO workflow for many of us newbies with AP, that your post should be a sticky post on specific OCIO category in the forum. Had I found it yesterday it would have saved me several hours of trials ( to no use ) and searches on the topic to the point of getting my head dizzy with all the color science discussions and approaches in this forum. I went to bed ready to give up on AP and get back into After Effects subscription just to be able to procces ACES files. I watched the AP video about using the Blender filmic look but it misses the export point. I hope I won’t miss other useful videos you might upload! Thanks again.
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