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  1. I was actually referring to this other video by you, on wich you cover the output.
  2. And Voila, infinite thanks for this clear, simple and direct explanation Telemax. I just started with OCIO-ACES and bumped with the export issue no matter how many posts I read until I found yours. I really think, given the fundamental importance of OCIO workflow for many of us newbies with AP, that your post should be a sticky post on specific OCIO category in the forum. Had I found it yesterday it would have saved me several hours of trials ( to no use ) and searches on the topic to the point of getting my head dizzy with all the color science discussions and approaches in th
  3. I have gone crazy until I found this thread. I don´t use a mouse, I use a CintQ. It´s 2020 and clicking with the pen on the macro´s name is not working form me.
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