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  1. I was originally trying to import an exr from a blender render that was rendered with ACES color management and then saved as an EXR into AP, make my adjustments to this image, then export it as a jpg or png in order to set it as user background in windows with my colors being constant and consistent in each program. EXR isnt supported in windows personalization as a background image, and even if there was a 3rd party program that would expand the amount of file formats available for background images, i would be curious to know the exact steps in order to get this process to work specifically for the many ACES source/destination color space options
  2. Thank you. I am just having trouble exporting as a PNG or JPG. They don't even look close to the same. If I export as an EXR the export works fine and matches the 32 bit OCIO preview . In Blender I can render and save in any image format and have result look the same across all formats
  3. Anyone? The whole reason I bought AP is to adjust OpenColorIO ACES images and if I cant save them, well, what was the point ?
  4. I have an EXR from blender thats saved in ACES with the official 1.2 ACES package from the github . When I import it into AP, point the configuration file to pathTo/OpenColorIO/aces1.2/config.ocio and in the 32-bit preview window my display settings are set to the following. This gives me the correct image in the viewport which matches my blender render. However, when I go to export the image, the colors are not correct and washed out since I assume this is just a "preview" hence the 32-bit preview tab title and not applying the OCIO display transform to the final image. I tried adding a OCIO adjustment layer but couldnt get anything to work. When I did this I changed the display transform under 32 bit preview to ICC. The input colorspace is ACES-ACEScg since thats what it is and was rendered in in blender. In the Destination color space dropdown I tried a variety of options but none of them worked nor matched the OCIO display transform in the 32 bit preview of sRGB/ACES. The only way I could capture what it is supposed to look like is to either upload the "raw" ACES renders from blender or what i did which was to take a screen snip of the desktop with windows Snip & Sketch. Please help me. I am interested in being able to save ACES only - please dont direct me to look at things related to blender filmic
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