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  1. While I found a solution that works for me (switched doing it in Sketch as Designer kept crashing with nested symbols), I would be still interested in learning how to do this better.
  2. Hey guys, I need some advice on optimizing my workflow. Scenario: I need to create teaser images in various formats for a multi language website. Thanks to symbols, I can easily exchange e.g. backgrounds and product shots for all artboards. Something like this When exporting these images with localized texts for all countries though, the process gets slow and error prone. Here's what I do: * I create a "headline" symbol, which contains all localized texts * when I go to export persona, I manually hide all other languages in the layers panel except the one I'd like to export * I hit export and the assets get created * after that, I have to manually rename those files, e.g. add the language info like "_co-uk" This is how a text symbol looks like currently So the question is: is there a simple way to manage this so that all assets in all languages get created when hitting export, ideally without the need to rename the exported files afterwards? Hope you guys understand, it's a bit hard to describe. Thank you for any tipps and advice.
  3. Hi, I love Affinity Photo. There's only one feature that keeps me from switching completely and opening Photoshop anymore. I'm doing lots of Pixel Art for Games and in Photoshop, you can set the pixel aspect ratio to be other than square. Here you can see that a pixel is actually 2:1, 2 pixels wide and 1 pixel tall. This is the standard multicolor mode for many old computers like the C64, Plus/4 etc. It would be fantastic to have this on your feature list. I can't stand using Photoshop anymore. Help me. Cheers, Esshahn
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