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  1. To be honest, the overlay was my only thing I missed, but sinds generative AI made my work WAY easier in PS the red overlay doesn’t matter anymore.
  2. No sorry there is not. Certainly not in a professional workflow with teams and editors that we hire.
  3. I am, but I have the dream to ditch adobe because of the subscription system. Not paying is not be able to open files anymore, that’s why I love a company like this. That’s why I really would go to AP.
  4. Great that you have fixt a workaround, but in my professional work this is not workable in stead of just hitting the \ key like in PS.
  5. Thank you for bumping this, AP is really on the verge of kicking Adobe out for me and a lot of editors in my network. But je layer mask thing is just THE thing why we can't use it as professionals. So Keep on bumping the feature, and if management doesn't understand the importance they are not the right person/team for it.
  6. Exactly what all the users say above me! It's not hate from us, we just really want to use AP in a professional workplace with whole day editing, we don't want to burn Serif down, we just want to se that we can finally ditch Adobe and use AP all day long, but je layer mask is key for me and my team.
  7. No that gives not the option of brushing the mask in and out. is somebody experimenting with AP2? hope that version has the ability to adjust the mask with a brush
  8. Thank you but for me as a fulltime professional with a lot of edit work and masking this is time killing. I really hope that the team makes a instant toggle key just like adobe. Otherwise AP is way to slow in workflow for me.
  9. Exactly that. Every 4 months or so I check the changelog. No red overlay is no recommendation to my students photography. This is really a game breaker for commercial work in AP
  10. As a full time photographer this thing is the one and only piece that let me grap Photoshop after monthly trying Affinity. I just want to see and edit my mask in a quick and easy way. Hitting the \ key in PS and I see direct the mask and I can adjust it. I really hope the Affinty comes with it in an update. And I'm not the only one in my network that wants to move to Affinity but keep using PS because of this mask reason.
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