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  1. No background unfortunately, I was pointing the camera upwards so it's only the sky I have the raw and the JPEG files after processing them in rawtherapee JPEG files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14q41kevTW1ovRQFiR0JVGGlVom0QWiQj?usp=sharing RAW files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oIoPXw941006-zjPoyL-HkoKXdw44nno?usp=sharing
  2. I recently had the good fortune of capturing a few photos of the gemini meteors and I wished to combine all of them into one image. I have 11 that are useable. How can I merge them in affinity photo? Thank you
  3. I decided to use a software called rawtherapee - it's quite good for raw files editing, especially for batch editing - I've been using it constantly and it works well - light on resources but swift You could try that if you have dozens/hundreds of raw files to edit
  4. I found this online - though it doesn't make use of affinity :https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23686427/imagemagick-how-to-combine-200-images-in-pairs-of-2-side-by-side-book-layout I'll try it out when I've got the things installed on my device
  5. I tried several softwares but the one that comes close is videomach - it does the timelapse rapidly but the final output sometimes has glitches - and I can't trim songs so I have to trim the song using another software
  6. Hey guys, I've been working on some time lapses for the last few weeks and I'm ready to create my videos I have a lot of photos and I wanted to flip every photo to create a mirror copy - did that easily with batch photo processing in affinity photo Now I want to take the original and the mirror and join them together - but I can't see how to do that Can anyone help out? And if possible, a way to do it is as a batch process since I have over 600 pairs to join Thank you Chintan
  7. One of my interests has been timelapses and recently I was able to try one out Now I've been looking for software for making timelapses but the various options I've seen are lacking in one way or the other. Which software would you recommend for creating timelapses? This is for Windows and free of course I need one that can give an output of 1080p and work with as many photos as possible, even 1500 Thank you Ps: I'm asking this because some time back a forum user recommended an excellent RAW converter software which I now use - so I'm thinking I can get the same help again
  8. For those who have used a Lumia device, you might remember the lumia/nokia creative studio where you could edit photos. One of the best features it had was colour pop where you could highlight one or more dominant colours while the rest of the image would be in grayscale - check the example below where the sail has the colours retained while the ocean is gray Now I wanted to do the same effect but using affinity photo Is this possible and if yes, how can I do it? A step by step guide would be most helpful. Thank you
  9. I have a photo of a person sitting on a carpet - she wanted the carpet removed - that was easy enough as I saw a tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lf6dh3wFbxo I was able to cut out the carpet. But now I don't know how to add my own background such as a colour or a colour gradient. I've tried the flood fill tool but nothing happens - and yes, I did change the colour. How can I do this in the simplest way possible?
  10. You weren't kidding about the user unfriendliness - took me 10 minutes to figure out how to batch process photos Now I just need to understand how to use it and which parameters I can change - it's noise reduction is giving me issues
  11. I've been using Microsoft powerpoint to create timelapses since I haven't tried anything else If I shoot astro shots in RAW, I can then play around with the exposure, contrast and tone curves and then apply that to all photos But using affinity photo it is impossible to apply one set of edits to all raw photos at the same time. I would have you open each raw file, apply edits, save, then start again with the next photo. I didn't know that there are software that can use raw files and give out a video/timelapse - but would they also give the option to edit the raw files before creating the video?
  12. I've always wanted to do timelapses and I've done quite a few before - but in all of them I've shot in jpeg and without any editing I'm preparing to do a night timelapse of stars at one of our national parks Most guides on the internet recommend shooting in RAW so that I can get the best look from the stars and night sky But as users of Affinity Photo know - there's no way to do batch edits on RAW files using Affinity photo So can I get a good timelapse if I shoot in JPEG? Or should I shoot in RAW and spend days in editing the RAW files? (3 minutes per photo, 600 photos - that's 30 hours of total editing time) Any advice?
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