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  1. Not sure if this helps your developers to smash the bug, but I upgraded to iOS 14 and my Designer on iPad yesterday. I already had a few fonts installed in Designer before the upgrade. Now, when I click on Preferences > fonts tab the app crashes.
  2. I’m trying to add a photo to any file in Photo on recently purchase 2020 12.9 iPad Pro. When I choose the option of Place from Photos I just get a blank screen, with a blue return arrow in top left corner. I can copy and paste from Photos and Place from Files. To resolve I’ve tried Offloading and re-installing app, with a hard restart of iPad in between those actions. i did open a .afdesign file from a template when I first noticed this. any knowledge on how to resolve this?
  3. Hi, I've downloaded the Affinity Trial software for Mac and am working through the two 'Beginners' videos. First one worked fine, but in 'Beginners Too', I get different results to those in the video when pressing the 'Alt' key and clicking the 'Add' button - to create a non-destructive Combination shape. Rather than a combination including both shapes, the top item created with the 'Smart' Pen tool partly disappears, leaving most of the teardrop and part of the upper image. See last image below. I've tried this four times with new files, including twice on a different machine, but get the same result each time. I really can't see what it is I'm doing wrong. Have scrolled through and searched Support Forums, but can't see anything on this. I've attached screen shots of what's happening. Any advice gratefully received.
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