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  1. IMO tags according to specific software should be color coded as software icons to better visibility. Only blue badge looks blend and its hard to navigate. Ex.
  2. Holly molly, first thoughts was that's counterfeit forums - so much different :D But my eyes hurts with all this whites is there possibilities switch to dark mode?
  3. Overall thinking, this is a shame, there is no really good software (beside Krita and Blender) that can produce print ready results. I understand, linux users would love to have an open source alternative, and that Serif as a company need to make money, as they develop great apps, and neet it to get company running, and earn - this is perfectly fine. I understand standpoint that *some* of Linux users whoes says that on that system souldn't be any paid software (or at least commercial in any form), in the end this is fully opened source envirioment (beside some examples like enterpris
  4. I Bet it was Poland, and this is contest published at ppe.pl oh and @Kapuan - "Kapłan"? :>
  5. This piece especially reminds me Polish Hip Hop Squad "APP" with thiers music video art styles... Overall Good Job!
  6. Until there is no replacement for InDesign, I can't afford to completely switch out of Adobe. Simply as that.
  7. Nice artwork, it reminds me game called "Samorost" (See examples at Google images), which I've loved for the artwork. Thanks for sharing brushes
  8. Background color and product placement reminds me somewhat a Douglas adverts (at least Polish ones, I do not know how they are looking in other countries ;)) You can see example here.
  9. bor


    Another piece is a logo for my small project. PACZ STUDIO (reads as: PATCH STUDIO in Polish, and it's transle as fonetic LOOK/WATCH STUDIO) is my new investment into myself, but this is story for another time I made it simple, and bold for reasons. If You have any suggestions, feel free to comment, but right now I don't think I'll be changing anything about it.
  10. Let's get it straight: You need a PC that have HDMI and USB (for 13HD, 13 PRO needs usb 3 type c, and display port), at least tablet have nothing to PC - this is just a pointing hardware and work's just like a monitor. More powerful machine let You work more efficient with large format works - and it's based on my own thoughts. My spec: Wacom Cintiq PRO 13, 22HD Touch and some other brands like HUION. PC: i7 4790K, 32 GB of Ram, and Geforce 1080 (non ti version), and it works just fine with large canvas sizes and many vector objects.
  11. bor


    Hey there, from time to time I will post some of my pictures, so feel free to visit and put some feedback. All presented works are made for fun - my commercial works stay where they belong for now. First image is done quite quickly about 40-50min in AD, and as You can see there is still problem witch jagged lines (fast drawed lines like on sweter). Here is Jerzy Kukuczka, one of greatest Himalaist of all time.
  12. Also for album cover Great art style though.
  13. Also enormous file size, some kind problems according to video codecs and formats. Better way is linking to streaming media platform such as Youtube or Vimeo.
  14. Trial lasts for 10 days, and it's not subscription/cloud based, so noone can tell, when You installed software better than You
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