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  1. I have just realized how much better AD-AI integration became in 1.6 release! I had problems with outline sizes before - like if i do outlines thicker than 4 px and try to copy and paste them from AD to Illustrator they were pasted like and expanded stroke with too many points, that is - were unusable. So i had to decrease stroke thickness to low (sometimes 0,1 px worked) and then increase it again in Illustrator. But since 1.6 release i just copy/paste strokes of any thickness - that saves time! Also, with complex graphics - when you paste one shape into another and so on - it is pasted perfectly to illustrator now, and before it usually became rasterised... Thank you guys! I'd like not to use illustrator at all, but many other people rely on it... Violent world, nobody understands me...
  2. Oh, great! AD is updated, finally! Are you guys celebrating this somehow at Serif?
  3. Nice lettering and character!
  4. Its like when you feel disappointed you come here check out Paolo's and other guys stuff and feel inspired and go do the work.
  5. Yeah, really great artwork!
  6. He is soo friendly!
  7. Those planes are simple but really cool! Remind me of old aircraft simulation games...
  8. I wrote about this problem in this topic https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/30466-bug-in-exported-svgs-ad/and i tried different export settings and actually found no solution to this. Which is sad cause i love AD much but i have to export a lot of icons everyday in svg...
  9. i see "evenodd" in svg file created in AD both for fill rule and clip rule...
  10. Agree, its finally not an option to edit exported SVG on the code level. It is OK for better SVG understanding but it just isnt correct to do this in this case...
  11. Hi! I just started making lots of icons and ofcourse i'd like to do them in my favourite app, which is AD. But, i need those icons to be easily opened in everyone's favourite Illustrator (which i dont like!) But in some cases, i get a bug whre any holes in icon become filled in illustrator and some other web svg apps. I provide you with screenshot so you can see the differences in AD and AI.
  12. Oh, the book looks so cool but it cant be shipped to Russia... So i had to leave you without my rubles :ph34r: Do you plan shipping it to Russia later?