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  1. As i can see right now i cant get PSD's with editable text layers from Affinity Designer. And i'm often asked for PSDs of stuff i'm designing. So i'd like to have like dropdown menu (like those that already are in PSD export dialogue) asking me if i want to export text as editable text layers or if i want it to be smart object or anything else.
  2. Glad i've found this explaination! Really, i've been making some animation lately with Moho Pro and the way you build curves there is actually the same as the smart nodes in Affinity! You can trace a sketch this way or make a primitive like a box or a star and edit it with smart nodes! Thanks for explaining!
  3. The robot who was once destroyed and sometime after re-animated by the evil will of technomancer. This guy is like a zombie but made of steel. Used new for me method of inking - vector brushes without any pressure sensitivity at all. You just create the shape you need and make a brush out of it. Having some brushes made in this manner results in nice and natural looking inks. The reason for using them is actually better predictability of strokes and much higher speed. The brush engine just does not spend time calculating size and opacity variability and you get much faster inks. For many inking tasks this is more than enough. Have you been using this method? How you feel about it?
  4. avo

    Undead Robot Character design

    I'm glad it was helpful! )
  5. avo

    Undead Robot Character design

    Well, there is a workaround too - just draw the inks and then trace it in something like Cocoapotrace. Rather accurate results. I wish AD had its own tracing persona or something...
  6. avo

    Undead Robot Character design

    Thanks! It is a pleasure to work with your app, been using it for almost three years already and love it more and more!
  7. avo

    Undead Robot Character design

    Yes, as with all texture intensity brushes these strokes cant be expanded. Another plus is that you don't have to choose controller type, which I usually forgot to do. Every time having AD just launched I started to use the brush with the controller set to none, pressed cmd+z few times to cancel those strokes I've just done, went to controller drop-down menu, chose pressure and made those strokes again ) Now I have working brushes right from the start )))
  8. avo

    Concept sketches in Photo

    Yeah really cool images! You say those are sketches - are you planning to make some strong ass stuff out of these? ))
  9. During the long winter nights i often look in the starry sky at the Andromeda galaxy, which can be seen through binoculars. It is so small from our Earth, but actually its a huge galaxy, and i'm wondering - maybe some kind of girl, who lives there, looks right now back at me questioning herself - is there somebody else in this huge space?.. So this is how i see this girl. Damn, i was trying to figure out someone more romantic, but my humorous mind just played a trick on me. Goodbye, Andromeda girl, from now i'm not sure if i want to believe in your existence. :-) Based on all those sci-fi fairy tales i've read in my younger years. Just a bit about the process - i suddenly realise what i want to draw, then i make few sketches on paper or digitally, or both (here Wacom Intuos Pro 2 paper edition was heavily used with its ability to convert paper drawings into digital sketches), then i make final sketch and trace it in Affinity Designer with vector brush. Colors are added after that... So like this.
  10. avo

    Love The 90s • 2018 Tour

    The logo itself is so lovely! )) And the presentation (or a case study) you did here just makes me hold my breath (its synonym of Wow!)! Lots of respect!
  11. avo

    Girl with toad

    This girl loves her cute little pet toad so much she even lets it sit on her head! Affinity designer vector image.
  12. Just installed it and really can see huge improvement in using raster brushes! Really smooth and feels great with my wacom pro pen 2
  13. avo

    Bombs Away

    Such a big... bombs... she has! Nice work!
  14. avo

    The Hedgehog

    Another weird animal i've just drew. Its a hedgehog. With three eyes! AD is a joy to work with, if to talk about vectors.
  15. avo

    Black metal crow

    Yesterday i just doodled randomly in AD's pixel persona and came to this guy. I thought it is a pelican or something like this but i now think it's more of a crow. He likes it dark'n'heavy. Made a sticker with it...
  16. avo

    Crazy Tree Painting

    Looks crazy! Me likes )
  17. avo

    Scarab Temple painting.

    Yeah, really interesting and well done! Thanks for sharing with us
  18. Veeery coool! Such a mysterious place, but seems to be dangerous. I guess is anybody inside?..
  19. avo

    Isometric Dub Siren

    Yeah i have the same question! I bet it’s some kind of nuclear button ) But looks cool anyway
  20. avo

    Isometric Dub Siren

    Looks very physical! )) Wanna touch it
  21. avo

    Bearded demons

    Glad to know that you all like it, thanks )
  22. avo

    Bearded demons

    They just came to torture! Inked with brushes with new affinity stabilizer, they are cool! And as always my favorite EGA palette )