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  1. For game design, there is "Spine".
  2. Moho is more catered toward rigging. But it also has fbf capability. It has better rigging capability than Toon Boom but Toon Boom has more feature in general. Toon Boom cost a LOT more.
  3. Or maybe you are working on some great new tool that is a breakthrough and you dont want to share it yet. Its fine Ben.
  4. Oh okay. So now I want to ask, why is there no sneak peeks for AP?
  5. But I thought you're the developer for AD and not AP.
  6. I use Windows 10 pro with integrated Intel HD 4400. I think he is talking about Affinity Photo and not Designer tho, so I can't confirm anything.
  7. 3D functionality is fine, but for AD to implement it? A long long time. And no, i'm not a part of the development team.
  8. Do you really want to add 3D functionality to a 2D illustration software that is still in version 1.6 and developed by a small team? We doesn't even have warp/distort, pure vector brush, and a knife tool. Do you really want that?
  9. Cant you just use Blender and call it a day?
  10. Thats weird. I have a core i3-4010U 1.7 GHz and 4 GB of RAM and Affinity (Designer, i dont use Photo) works fine.
  11. But I support Ben decision to not make more lasso selection tool in the mean time. Also, I didn't request much. I commented a lot but not requesting any. The last request I made involves me making an UI of my feature concept so I don't think it was spontaneous.
  12. I don't think that you need to add that now or even the whole 1.x version. It's a spontaneous idea that doesn't currently exist in the roadmap.
  13. I assume you will need to wait for the beta to know that.
  14. Can you list your processor and RAM specs in more details?
  15. Yes! Thanks Ben. Also, that was fast.