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  1. Is usability and UI still a huge issue now for GIMP and Inkscape? I use Linux and this how GIMP looks now. I switched a couple months ago. Inkscape also look like this, pretty much.
  2. Great stuff as always Ben! Expanding into this, can you disable node handle manipulation when multiple nodes are selected? Like, pressing some combination of keys will disable them. Because, the annoying part of designer is when you're zoomed out and trying to move several nodes at once, instead of doing that, you manipulate the node handle.
  3. The season schedule is whacky because global warming.
  4. Great stuff as always, Ben! 1.7 will be huge.
  5. When you simply open the software, the CPU just jump to 100% even though you do nothing in the software, correct?
  6. I do know that more cores matter. But there is certain software that works better if the single core performance is good rather than multi core performance.
  7. This is pretty crucial. If Affinity is optimized for single core performance (like Adobe), i would need to use intel. If Affinity is optimized for multi core performance, i would need to use amd.
  8. @Ben need definitive answer from the core developer! (pun intended)
  9. That is very good design. Is it tho? That means AMD threadripper or Intel i9 can be used to its fullest.
  10. Yeah, I myself kind of confused why they don't implement this earlier. It might be that they are figuring out codes that works fast at doing that or adding their own implementation (special functionality). Adobe Illustrator also has some basic stuff that only recently added such as control over the size of anchor point.
  11. To be fair, Adobe Illustrator has been around for a lot longer than AD. But yeah, I would like to get a select all / magic wand feature.
  12. Moho is more catered toward rigging. But it also has fbf capability. It has better rigging capability than Toon Boom but Toon Boom has more feature in general. Toon Boom cost a LOT more.
  13. Or maybe you are working on some great new tool that is a breakthrough and you dont want to share it yet. Its fine Ben.
  14. Oh okay. So now I want to ask, why is there no sneak peeks for AP?
  15. But I thought you're the developer for AD and not AP.
  16. I use Windows 10 pro with integrated Intel HD 4400. I think he is talking about Affinity Photo and not Designer tho, so I can't confirm anything.
  17. 3D functionality is fine, but for AD to implement it? A long long time. And no, i'm not a part of the development team.
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