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  1. Thank you Walt, that did the trick! I was just confused about macros vs macro. 😂 even though the instructions everywhere were clear. anyway appreciate the tip 👍
  2. I don't get it, they don't even allow you to import macros. This is once again another HUGE let down "The file is not an Affinity document." I got the macro (afmarco) off this forum and it doesn't even work
  3. Yeah I agree, the thread is about shape export to motion which currently there is no workaround for. only single vector shapes and they can be only brought in into motion one at at time. if you want them still vectorized anyway. it's a huge limitation, it's frustrating it cannot be solved at the moment. Thats what makes working with these programs so annoying coming from the Adobe workflow. Honestly this makes me want to just pay for a year of CC at this point. Maybe I am asking too much from a little 50 dollar app but I have no problem paying even twice as much for an upgrade if we could get importing of curves and groups into motion. Allowing scripting doesn't seem unreasonable at this point either if Affinity didn't feel like tinkering with it themselves. it's 2020 and Adobe is still the only way to do this seemingly simple workflow, it's mind-boggling to me but I guess it's reality. You basically need a time-machine to get an illustrator cs6 license and Adobe doesn't even want you using it anymore so Motionize is pretty much off the table for most people.
  4. Ok guys, this is for the noobies, for usable Vector images in Motion 5 you must do layers >> media >> uncheck fixed resolution. next go to the group layer and click the group tab and make sure fixed resolution is unchecked too. no you can't edit the curves after but if you save the file you can just pop open AD and re-edit the project. This isn't the biggest deal if you understand how to work with the files... I still have to agree we NEED 100% vector compatibility, which to me means support for group export because for complex vectors they WILL be multi-layer not just single layer and ai file format and the fx not being rasterized as well. until that stuff changes the affinity revolution isn't happening in my humble opinion. I bought all my affinity programs at full price and I'm proud to support them but maybe it would be wise for them to maybe open-source part of this app because the development is just not happening fast enough for me. please don't hate me for being an honest customer. Just my worthless 2cents
  5. I would pay extra for this kind of feature, no problem guys. Take my money, please. The community needs this, the time is now! I got all these vector brushes that are as good as raster brushes to me because of AD's limitation's, the app feels incomplete. for what the a modern designer (not static-image designers, full-fledged motion designers because it's 2020 guys) use vector programs for to my knowledge. Pretty much AD is only vector inside of AD and outside of it you will have raster images that's a reel bummer, which is why I am in support of this feature. Devs if you are listening, please consider it, we will pay extra. For those of you guys looking for a solution there is none my solution is bite the bullet and make the curves in motion. Yeah it's not as good at all, and it makes AD not even needed in the workflow but that's what I do for now., until things get a bit more functional over here.
  6. I'm on version 1.7.3 and my macros vanished, I'm looking for the location of the macros.propcol file so I can reinstall them. I'm on Mac OS 10.14.6 by the way
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