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  1. Sackadelic

    Crashed, no Autosave?

    Hey Walt, That could be it. I can definitely reproduce this crash. Group Objects Apply De-noise filter Poof
  2. Hey Guys - love the new 1.7 updates. I grouped two images together and tried to apply a de-noise live filter to them, and the app crashed. Upon re-opening the file, there was no autosave or restore dialog presented. Something I'm doing wrong? Tyler
  3. Sackadelic

    Pressed & Embossed styles

    Love this! Thanks!
  4. Hello again - I have a basic question about theory that maybe you all experienced designers can help with. What's the main purpose of the "Export Persona" and how does it differ from exporting from File > Export? Is there a quality difference? Thanks - T
  5. @firstdefence Strange...it'll just hang there forever. I've had to 'force quit" it multiple times. I have a Macbook Pro, 2013, with Mojave. What did work was creating a new doc and performing the subtraction there, then copying and pasting back into the original.
  6. Hey gdenby, Thanks! "Subtract" method is taking forever on my computer...did it do that for you?
  7. Hey guys, First off, I'm grateful for such a wonderful community of helpful experts. Thanks! I'm struggling with a Sticker design - MikeW was kind enough to help me diagnose a few issues with it, and I don't want to bug him anymore! What I'm Trying To Do: - I have a filled curve (logo) that I want to add Vector Texture to. Somethink like a vintage or grungy speckled look. I'm having a difficult time getting the texture to only mask to my Logo Layer. Can yall help? It's makin' my head hurt. Attached is a png of the texture I'm kinda looking for, and the Designer File. How can I take the texture (hidden layer in AF file), and apply it to just the Fralin Logo? Thanks! Final Vintage Sticker Logo.afdesign
  8. Here you go, Mike! Thanks for your assistance on this. Vintage Sticker Design.afdesign
  9. Hey All, I designed a Sticker for my company, and sent it to a printing company. I exported it as a PDF, as requested by the rep. The rep got back to me and said that it's not a "True PDF" and she shouldn't manupulate the file. I've tried a couple of times to send her exports, but to no avail. I also found out she uses Corel Draw, so I tried to send her an EPS. She then couldn't open that as she said it's a .jpg saved as an EPS. Am I doing something wrong?? Here's the file. Final Fralin Sticker - No Die Cut Line.eps
  10. I bought my copies of Affinity Photo & Designer on the Mac App Store. Can I reach out to affinity for a PK and a download from them instead? I'd rather simply deal with this great company.
  11. Sackadelic

    Affinity Designer for macOS - 1.6.1

    I myself would love an update - I've had Designer and Photo for about a year and haven't seen much in forms of product updates.
  12. Sackadelic

    Dream Styles

    Thanks a ton for this. I do a lot of metal style work, this will save me some time! Cheers!
  13. Sackadelic

    Free Brushes

    These are cool! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Sackadelic

    Gradient in Affinity Designer

    Try creating 3 shapes for Boolean Add - 1 Rounded Rectangle 2 smaller rounded rectangle nested. > Boolean subract small from big 3 Rounded rectangle on top > Boolean add Top rectangle from rounded outline. Hint - you can also "option + Boolean add or subtract" to create a compound object for editing.
  15. Sackadelic

    200 Vector Gradients

    Thanks so much for this! I use a lot of metal gradients and I'm always making my own. This will save me some much needed time. Cheers!