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  1. My workaround for this is simply: Creating a line, making sure it's displaying the way I want creating a Triangle, and positioning it over the top of the line. It's an extra step, but it's given me the best results.
  2. Wow, FirstDefence! This is great, I didn't expect anyone to do the work for me! Already using it, and it's working fantastic. Is there a tutorial I can see where I can learn how to do this? Many, many thanks. Tyler
  3. I should add it doesn't need to be as highly detailed as this image, and I'm mainly trying to get the braided metal. Just the gist. T
  4. Hey fellow Affinity users! I'm in love with both Affinity Photo and Designer. I'm using it for work all the time, but I'm working on a project where I need some insight. I'm making wiring diagrams for guitar components. I'm having a great time doing it but struggling with one particular style of line. (See Attached Image) I'm trying to make this attached image, but in a draggable and editable line. I know I can make this line, trace it, create a pixel layer, and crop-fill the layer with a texture brush, but there's no way I'm going to do that - way too much work. See attached PDF for an example. Is there anyway you can make this line with the following texture attached? Thanks all! Tyler 50's Gibson Wiring.pdf
  5. Thanks for the input, since I rasterized everything before export, the file won't help y'all now. If I run into it again, I'll make sure I send the file next time. Cheers! T
  6. I rasterized both the images and it worked. I was using masks to mask out the backgrounds. On the top image, I just used the selection brush to get the mask. On the bottom image, I actually used a curve in AD and made a clipping mask to clip out the background. Maybe that was the issue?
  7. Here's what's being exported
  8. Hey All, Trying to export this new ad I designed today... something weird is happening when I try to export it. The first image is what the ad is supposed to look like, the second image is how it keeps exporting. What am I doing wrong? I've never had this issue before. I'm selecting "PDF for Print". Tyler Ad.pdf
  9. Cool! Thanks for the updates! I'll cool my jets
  10. Title pretty much says it all! Any updates on an update?
  11. I also would like the warp options, like Rise, Arc, Flag etc.
  12. Sackadelic

    Beauty of Edo

    Looks amazing!
  13. https://www.linkedin.com/learning/affinity-photo-essential-training/welcome If you have a LinkedIn account, there's a free month offer. Each lesson is under 5 minutes, so I'm sure you can get through the whole course quickly. I've been going through it, and there's a lot of little things that I'm picking up. T
  14. Sackadelic

    Ad for my job

    Thanks! I did reduce the font size after each leading letter - something I've been experimenting with. I was trying to keep it consistent, but I can make these more subtle! Thanks for the input!