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  1. Perhaps try a 'Safe Boot' followed by a normal restart before reinstalling the OS? Does a lot of very effective clearing up, including FSCK and emptying caches, the longer it takes the more likely it is to be sorting a mess.
  2. It may be worth looking to see which colour channel of a layer shows the worst harm, and then work on that channel.
  3. Hi Hotabbey, and welcome to the forums. Try File > Export (export to .jpg). Once you save work in Affinity that file is saved in Affinity format - for several good reasons. To complete your upload you need to change the format to something more generally appropriate.
  4. MacBook Pro, every time. 15" if cash permits and well worth saving for. Touch Bar version enjoys Affinity's touch Bar presence, convenient, but not essential. The tiny "MacBook" is expensive and, well, tiny.
  5. Hi lazzaml, and welcome. Have you tried the menu View > Zoom to Fit ? On a Mac the shortcut is command - 0 (zero).
  6. Hi dis 103, and welcome to the Forums. Apple's new HEIC format isn't (yet) supported by Affinity. See this article for a temporary solution, and google > iPhone X HEIC format > for more info. Great 'phone though!
  7. Uuiop

    AD bug?

    ?? Try Apple's Mail ??
  8. Are you seeking to purchase with the same Apple ID? App Store purchases (and re-installs) are tied to a particular ID.
  9. I use a 'suck it and see' approach. If the first inpainting doesn't do what I want, cmd-z reverts and I try from a different direction. After a while it gets much easier to guess what will work successfully. Crude, but effective :)
  10. On your MacBook would Apple's Pages not be useful? It has been free for a number of years.
  11. Try this catalogue of 'official' video tutorials organised by learning level and specialty interest for AP and AD: http://www.miguelboto.com/affinity/photo/video-tutorials/
  12. Try this: click to select your external drive icon, then press Cmd - i together. The 'Get Info' window should open. Down at the bottom look for 'Sharing and Permissions'. If neither 'me' nor 'admin' appear, click the padlock to allow access, then click on the + icon. Select yourself and / or Admin to add to the list. Now use the up-down arrows to select 'Read and Write'. Close the Get Info window (it locks automatically) and you should be fine. Note that the Get Info window is also accessible from the Finder top Menu Bar > File menu.
  13. Hi Dennisw, and welcome, to see the fix applied (to a panorama) watch this Affinity tutorial video https://player.vimeo.com/video/170633074/, and visit 'About Mesh Warping' in the Affinity Photo Help files. The instructions are very concise, and you may need to double click the Mesh Warp / Perspective tool icon to see the Mesh option. Remember to select "source"!
  14. Perhaps check the layers palette to see which layer is selected?
  15. Try setting your paragraph offset values here (purple) Note that if, say, a 10pt offset "below" is matched in the following paragraph by a 10pt offset "above", the two values will only result in just a 10pt offset (rather than a 20pt one). However increasing one or other will increase the offset. Leading options are here (cyan):