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    [BUG]? Brush rotation

    It is the same as in last release version. It is equally to 180 degrees of rotation. Is this intended or not - i don't know, but it is not beta version bug for sure
  2. Manofjesus

    Weird Image Flashing

    The behavior of opacity slider is strange by itself. I move it left and right, while on your background layer - and until i loose the mouse button - the engine do not updating opacity state. This is weird anyway.
  3. Manofjesus

    AP do NOT accept brush stroke?

    As for now - such scenario, as mentioning vjsouza, is impossible for AP, as i know. I have an idea for using it with lettering - but could not implement it.
  4. Manofjesus

    Clone brush fails in 1.7

    And for me works ok. Just test it again - work as expected.
  5. Hi guys. I want to take part in help for Affinity Photo. Here is custom make grass brushes and example, that was made by me. If you have any comments or ideas to add/fix them - i will adjust/update them. Each brush - it is not only one image, but at least 3 different variations of it. So when you draw - it draws in series 1,2,3,1,2,3,....like frames in movies - so the grass texture looks more natural and random. The brush rotates according to drawing direction/route. If you don't need it - got to brush settings Dynamic/Rotation jitter - and set it to ZERO % 2017.12.24 - Version updated to 0.2. See attached pictures for explanations Also i attach small palette for green hues. 2017.12.18 - They are 4 brushes. First 3 - intensity brushes, and last one - image brush. Antony - Grass v.02.afbrushes Antony - Grass.afpalette
  6. What is the style of your layer - is it in pixel style?
  7. Is it possible to solve such issue - as alignment object with the their axis of rotation, not as object bounds centers?
  8. Manofjesus

    Grass brush for AP - updated to v.0.2

    Here is some other brush work in progress. Update will arrive soon )))
  9. Today i was trying to make simple editing by just copy (Ctrl+C) some rectangular area from bitmap layer and then past it (Ctrl-V) - but i lost my mind, what is wrong. The selecting area is ignoring and pasting the whole layer, work as duplicate. During the selection i try to select EDIT/CUT - it deleted the whole layer. What is it? So basic and primitive operations ....
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    Let this object be as it is - i am not arguing about such concept. This is not issue at all, i am start my question not about this. Forget other commands - only COPY and PASTE. But the same or similar way it works in Photoshop - but in Photoshop i can copy a region from such non rasterized image layer with built in bitmap - that easy to check. There was no talk about transforming such layer. It is already projecting inner content to the dimension of my affinity working file. So my selection region, for example 200х100 pixels selecting exact region of that projection, the same content as i can see it in 100% percentage. If Affinity is projecting this bitmap information for me to see, already scaling it for my end resolution of my working file (the inner genuine resolution still can be different for sure) why not let me copy that region - no transformations just copy information that i see already in my working file? When you making screenshot of any information in your screen - it just copy, as it projected to your PC screen. I am talking about the same equivalent easy copy procedure.
  11. The behavior in PS - i can paste bitmap or or use PLACE... as container - no problem. And when i making selection and copying - no any limiting. I can copy and paste from this selection. And no matter the underlying layer is plain raster image or raster image in container (placed with command PLACE..) But in Affinity photo - what the reason to prevent copying in the same way? I want to leave the image as it is and don't want to rasterise it, but want to copy some portion from it - is it wrong idea or behaviour? Until i make command RASTERISE - it copy whole layer and ignoring my selection area. Also when i CUT i just completely removes layer - not selected region. If it not possible - why the AP allow me to use selection tool on this layer? This is non logical. Keep in mind - that for many users the AP is a step from PS.
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    toltec, i familiar with Adobe PS since SC2 and with Corel since version 7 in early 90xx. I understand MODULES or editing modes, or PERSONA's - but your idea about is not applicable here - as i don't ask for editing some alien format or alien data inside AP - is not it? We talk about bitmap. Does it in container or not - it is bitmap and it is already inside AP. Since AP importing plugin understands and reads and accept some bitmap file - it is ready for manipulation inside the AP environment. Right? And here it place for this That is subject i am talking about
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    dominik, i also hope for this - but as for me, it is even not function - it is like DNA - the basis (at least it has to be)
  14. Manofjesus


    I dont want it to be clone, that is why i bought it - but NEW WAY not has to be LONGER way or LESS HANDY way - it has not to be counterproductive. The disability easy copy in this scenario - i can't accept this feature implementation as NEW WAY - as it is not ergonomical and non logical. It is not mean - that i dont like the product - but want the improvements.
  15. Manofjesus


    Again, i understand idea to putting image to container. I appreciate such feature both - in PS and in AP. But i want to copy from such layer by my selected region with selection tool. This is straight plain and logical - this is plain common sense. The AP has just to virtually rasterise underlying image, copy some data from it according to my selection and then paste it - period. Why i need to make duplicate - > rasterise duplicated layer - > After copy and paste delete duplicated layer - why not to automate and hide all this steps from me in just COPY and PASTE way, as it is native in PS ?
  16. For me it is also question - why not to implement crop to selection?
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    I understand that also in PS. I can just place an bitmap as layer or can place it as container. The behavior in PS - i can paste bitmap or or use PLACE... as container - no problem. And when i making selection and copying - no any limiting. I can copy and paste from this selection. And no matter the underlying layer is plain raster image or raster image in container (placed with command PLACE..) What the reason to prevent copying in the same way but for Affinity ? I want to leave the image as it is and dont want to rasterise it , but whant to copy some portion from it - is it wrong idea or behaviour?
  18. Manofjesus


    Ohh man - thank you - but why is so non logical especialy for old PS user? What the wisom of doing it in this way? Image is not raster? Strange
  19. What about updating engine for previewing brushes? Instead of rounds it show octagons, smaller ones look coarse. I change hardness from 100% defaults (right picture) to the 99% (left picture). And appearance much nicer. So still further improvements here are welcome )))
  20. My installation is ok - no special updates of .NET performed before update process.
  21. Hello, friends. I am thinking about protection screen for my Ipad Pro 10.5 - but i am not sure about sensitivity and Apple Pencil response in AP after such screen installation. Do you have some pros and cons or some practical feedback for this subject?
  22. I am also supporting 2 and 3 fingers for undo/redo action
  23. I have the similar issue, but when working with curves. Look the above video for illustration. When i create some vector and try to move it in desired direction - it looks like i try to change the width or high. I work with apple pencil and placing it's tip quite in the center of bounding frame and do not touching control points in the bounding frame )))
  24. Manofjesus

    Grass brush for AP - updated to v.0.2

    Soon i will update brush set again. If you have some additional ideas or suggestions, you can post it here