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  1. Thank you for the kind words of support. Yes, i already planning it to release, but a lot of other work ))) I am launching inks business (epoxy colorants, fountain pen inks, etc) and it takes a lot of efforts ))) I hope in the beginning of this summer - it will be added.
  2. It hard to visualise this bug, but i found dependencies. I working in dark gray color mode. So in this mode - the non working area ouside the working content is changing the gray level by itself when i moving the mouse with any selected tool. It is looks like the whole marked area becomes darker a bit during the mouse movement and It also affected for Release and also in all Beta versions (afaik). But only today i make investigation and choose WARP renderer - and it is gone !!! So this bug depends somehow from renderer mode. On my working PC there is no GPU, only embedded Intel UHD Graphics 630 and it selected by default.
  3. What Affinity Version you mean, can you show the screenshot of the problem?
  4. Don't ask me, why I am "burning" CACTUS Because I have no answer, but i include both versions, fire effect with and fire free. Let it snow, let it snow, let it ... burn
  5. I upload short PDF tips and tricks manual about ORIGINAL - link is here MY IG POST WITH LINK
  6. Good advice, i repost it in BUG section, thank you ! I receive answer " The Paste FX behaviour is a known issue/bug that's already logged to be looked at. "
  7. Here is my example, that illustrates, what i was talking in previous ENGINE post. This is very useful and unique feature ))) Thank you, Affinity team ! P.S. Click to picture (you see just big thumbnail in my post) and look to it at 100% zoom to evaluate actual difference.
  8. This time i decide to reproduce NEON effect in Affinity Designer. All elements are from vector. Only background is a bitmap. I found interesting thing. My file dimension is 1080px square. And after applying intensive FX - some image areas looks harsh. What i found to solve this issue - during export i enter resolution 3240px square - 3x per side bigger. And then open exported image and downscale it back to 1080 px square as i need. And it looks MUCH better . P.S. I use lanczos separable
  9. Thank you, for checking it on Mac. It have to work like you are describing - same values applying. It is look like a windows version BUG.
  10. Hmm, i don't agree - there is no logic. Even if i'll rasterize Curve layer and then will apply the same FX settings - it will look the same. What the problem to get and put exact the same correct values from one layer to another, even if they are in group? Why the RADIUS from 36px becomes 639,6px and SOFTEN value from 2px becomes 35,5px ? Source FX values are multiplied by the same value in destination layer FX, the value is 17,75 . Look at this - 2*17,75 = 35,5px and 36*17,75=639,6px. What an obstacles (software or hardware) to put 36px as 36px and to put 2px as 2px? I can still enter the requested FX values for the group manually - and it looks like it have to be - the same, as it looks for individual elements in group. The FX engine has the same functionality for group of layers, as for the single layer. It works with group and single layers without any limitations in FX functionality. The FX values must to be transferred from one object to another without any changes/distortions.
  11. Still no clear answer about left type shadows, some call them STENCIL shadows - so is it possible to make it?
  12. It took sometime, until i found what is wrong exactly For iPad version Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo the command PLACE IMAGE located in different menus - it is always confusing, as the interface also very similar. So for consistency i think would be better - to place this command in similar way.
  13. Hello, friends. First of all i want to describe glitch. I have a design with two elements in one group. I make bevel FX adjustments to one of it. Then i copy one element with adjusted FX and then use for my group - Edit/Paste FX command. The settings for bevel FX are changed a lot and overall effect looks completely different. I dont check other FXs - it need to be checked additionally. SUGGESTION - why not to place Paste FX in drop down commands for the Layer tabs - as on my screenshot? It will be more handy and logical - where you work with FX, adjust, copy and paste them in one window ..... maybe )))
  14. I test (earlier) some adjustments and make these ovals blurred a bit - it gives shiny look, and it is also look nice, but then switch blur off ))) But actually there a lot of FAKES here, and my goal is the main impression. Also there a lot of endless combinations - turn this ON, then turn this OFF and so on ))) So i decide to make STOP and release it to public
  15. I am glad for Affinity team support, as they choose my work to be displayed on their Instagram - AFFINITY INSTAGRAM
  16. Affinity team put my work on their Instagram - and that was a huge boost in my followers )))) So i was hurry to preparing my file for uploading.
  17. Finally it goes much easier. I just enter to the content of my one embedded layer - and change it. All other layers with the same content were updated. Ha-ha. Plain and easy. What i was looking for - but not heard about such feature. But i don't figure out - how to use embedded document as mask. I try to use - but making something wrong i think.
  18. Yes, i need to replace layer content, as using smart objects in PS. I will look to the symbol tutorial Big thanks to all helpers !!!
  19. For example - i have complex file with layers. Each layer has it is own set of effects and transparency settings - but the same content - some vector shape in curves or some word or logo. Then i wish to replace the object (shape in curves) in each layer - but want to replace in ones - and other dependencies also updates automatically. In the same manner there are templates made for use in Photoshop. What is the right name for this functionality and where i can read about this ?
  20. The same lettering, but different impressions due to different background and colors.
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