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  1. Thanks, Alfred. I went through my serial number database and learned that, while I got the original AD directly, I upgraded via the AppStore. I downloaded the upgrade. Next, I'm buying Affinity Photo. I absolutely REFUSE to lease software that can be instantly disabled, without notice, should the software hosting company be hacked. When I buy my next MacBook Pro, I'm leaving Adobe behind. No more Photoshop. No more Illustrator. No more InDesign. No more Fireworks. No more Acrobat. No more CS6, because I won't do CC. Affinity seems to be exactly what I'm looking for, to deal with part of that change.
  2. Is there an upgrade path for us early adopters? Just wondering. I think I paid full price for the two versions I've had up to now. I'm currently using 1.4.1.
  3. One of the primary reasons why I bought Affinity Designer was as a replacement for the no longer supported Adobe Fireworks. As such, I have MANY PNG files that I need to be able to edit that were created with layers. But so far, I have found no way to open a PNG file and retain the layers. Is there such a feature within Affinity Designer? One of the problem files is attached. There is another question that I have not tested for yet, but that relates to the above question. Is it possible to open a PNG file with frames and retain the frames, with Affinity Designer? Thanks.