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  1. Here are the settings. It doesn't show on the new mac. But I do not remember the setting set on the older machines as I formatted it.
  2. After getting a new laptop I installed affinity on the new mac running Catalina. Now it no longers shows the levels of where the colors are in the level or curve control. I never had this issue with my other mac. See diagram. No matter what I do it will not display. Shown is the level control. Curves do the same things. It makes it difficult to adjust as you don't know where it clips.
  3. With photoshop this is pretty straight forward and I do not know what I am missing. I have a level adjustment and I slide the dark side in. Now I want to paint part of it back. If I use black or white it just leaves gray streaks. Please see videocast. What am I missing? https://www.dropbox.com/s/gjuq2zymnnkl3fc/Recording %23134.mp4?dl=0
  4. No worries and thank you. When you export an image you will also see the graph overlay the image as well. for-affinity.afphoto
  5. Hi Summersara, I have tried everything, even reinstalling. I am just beyond frustrated at this point. How do I move this to a bug forum?
  6. Here is an ACTUAL video showing this is a BUG in affinity. What more can I do? Do this. Have a white background and add both an unsharp and a high pass and you will see it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0xb20rwghedmi4q/recording %23130.mp4?dl=0 Recording #130.mp4
  7. It is not the background. I use a seamless white roll of paper. Also, I have been a software developer for 30 years. This is a bug in the software itself. We really need someone from affinity to look at this. It started only after I turned on their grid. I turned their grid off and this nightmare started. Never had it before and been photographing like this for a long time. My setup has not changed, their updates have. Also, that is not a white layer. I place the products directly on the background and photograph them. If you look at the image the lines run through the image, not under it. This means that something with the high pass is overlaying. How do you get support for the paid app? I really need someone to help. I mean a month and no one from the affinity team is helping? It is a bit frustrating. Here is another screenshot with my image on top of the background (white) with the high pass and no lines. The only time it happens if you have a high key image fulling the layer completely as shown in the previous test. Also in the previous test, I have also changed the background multiple times. It is not the background. Again, this is a bug in the software. And this is proof it is a bug. If you export the images after you make your setting. Then apply the highpass on the newly exported image. NO LINES! You only get the lines if you use the high pass on the source image.
  8. Here is one of the images exported as jpg with high pass. If I do not use high pass the grid does not appear. You can see the grid lines throughout.
  9. It is turned off also. The oddest part is it only happens on images with white backgrounds.
  10. Here are more images to prove the points. Is anyone from affinity going to answer this and help fix it? IS there a different support place for paying customers? It has been a month and ZERO help on this.
  11. Hi Ron, unfortunately on my MAC BOOK PRO as I still get those gridlines no matter what I do. What I did do a while ago was turn on the internal grid in affinity and then turned it off. And ever since then, with the updates, I get grids on all MY HIGH KEY images. And there is NOTHING I can do to resolve it. Pretty frustrated.
  12. That won't work and as this is an actual bug it needs to be addressed. After I use sharpening I use the high pass to hit is slightly. On all high key images, it shows a freaking grid. It just started with the last two releases. Again the HIGH PASS leaves a GRID on all high key images so it cannot be used. On non hi-key there are no issues.
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