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  1. I hope it doesn't get lost in the discussion that for some users like me (I publish books), having footnotes and endnotes is a CRITICAL feature. Without it, there is ZERO need for the program at all. Being able to open the other programs in the suite is a very nice feature, but it's all completely useless to me without footnotes and endnotes in Publisher. If I can't use Publisher, I won't waste my time learning to use any of the other programs.
  2. Unfortunately, I already bought it and found it's completely useless because the ability to have footnotes and annotations is critical to my needs. I hope they fix this soon, but this was a massive disappointment and very much ruined a lot of my plans. So now I have to waste more time reworking my plans because this seemingly obvious feature ISN'T part of this software.
  3. I purchased this software specifically to use to publish books. Without footnotes and endnotes, this program is completely useless to me. I find it completely shocking that this feature doesn't exist in what looks like an otherwise excellent program. I'm exceptionally disappointed and frustrated.
  4. Hello, I will use Publisher to make books. Some books have the chapter number or name above one of the pages. LibreOffice has a very nice and detailed insert field option that makes it easy to insert things like chapter numbers or titles at the top of pages in that chapter via an inserted field in the header. Can the "Text > Insert > Fields" ability be expanded in the future?
  5. Thanks. I remembered that after I posted and kind of smacked myself on the head afterward.
  6. The odt format (used by OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and others) really should be added as well.
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