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  1. I bought it when it was on sale, but didn't need to use it until more than a couple weeks later. But again, why would I bother with testing out every "feature" of a piece of software that I couldn't even imagine wouldn't exist?? It was billed as a cheaper alternative for the premier publishing software. I wanted to start using more professional publishing software. I had never used before, so I wouldn't have even known what to look for if I had tested it out. Also, the constant stream of people asking so many useless questions like yours and the answers to them like mine are a big reason this thread is 37 pages long. Seeing yet more responses. Holy f***, why is it so hard for people to understand that there might be a feature you'd assume software can do? For example, you'd expect a word processor to be able to capitalize letters. Also, why is it so damn hard for people to understand you might not immediately spend weeks intensely using software you've purchased? It's USELESS to be asking this crap NOW!!! I HAVE the damn software. I STILL want to be able to use it. All I'm asking for is they implement something that seems like an exceptionally basic part of what publishing software should be able to do. They've been saying they will get to it soon for three damn years.
  2. For many of us here, it IS an issue. For me and probably the person I responded to, the entire program is useless without that "feature." That makes this a MAJOR issue for us. Btw, what info do you have that it will be added in the "near future?" I've been waiting 3 years for it so far. I never would've purchased the software if I had known. I didn't think it was remotely possible that anyone would release publishing software that couldn't do this. Even single sheet fliers often have footnotes.
  3. The summary is they are aware of the issue and intent to address it sometime in the future, but have given no indication of when that will be. Could be years from now.
  4. That should be an option, as it is in say LibreOffice. But on a bit of a side note, I put the annotations for my first book at the end of each chapter and it's been the result of nearly all my less than 5 star reviews. It seems a number of people find it annoying to try to find the end of the chapter when it's easier to find the end of the book.
  5. Oh geez, no need for such obnoxious/negative/etc. comments. For many of us, myself included, it REALLY is JUST this one missing feature that makes this software unusable. We also don't need the even more BS comments saying we should've known this feature wasn't included before we purchased it. It was presented as an alternative to Adobe. Just not having 20+ years of prior versions to be compatible with alone would keep it far less bloated. Many of us aren't long time users of professional level publishing software and aren't aware this feature isn't always included. Footnotes/endnotes of been in word-processing programs I've used going back 30 years, back when the entire HD was 100 mb or less. Never occurred to me it wouldn't be in this.
  6. If I had noticed this feature was missing in that time frame, I would've! Never occurred to me that this feature WOULDN'T be included. Still amazes me it isn't and over a year later still doesn't. How can ANYONE make something for making professional looking printed material NOT have it? It's like making a car without shocks. Sure, it'll work fine for some people, but it's still a pretty important feature you'd expect to be there and wouldn't think you'd have to make sure is there. As for me, this software is 100% useless and a complete waste of money. I HAVE to have that feature to do what I bought the software to do. I can't and won't advise anyone to buy it nor can I gave a positive review for it until this feature exists. I was very excited when this came out, but I'm quite disappointed now
  7. Yes, I was speaking for myself only. I'm already using something that can do footnotes and endnotes, but I'm using that program to do stuff it really wasn't designed to do. Sure. I thought since I'm publishing stuff and wanted to upgrade my software to get more professional results, I should chose software designed for publishing. I was excited by the suite of software Affinity was creating. Still am, but I'm running out of patience. What I didn't imagine was such a feature not existing. Everything I do requires endnotes and sometimes footnotes. Not worth the time to get through the learning curve if I can't use the software.
  8. Nothing innovative about footnotes or endnotes, but they are critical for numerous users, like me. Can't report bugs because I can't use the program now, so I don't see them. It's of ZERO use without these features. Been waiting for a full year now.
  9. I hope it doesn't get lost in the discussion that for some users like me (I publish books), having footnotes and endnotes is a CRITICAL feature. Without it, there is ZERO need for the program at all. Being able to open the other programs in the suite is a very nice feature, but it's all completely useless to me without footnotes and endnotes in Publisher. If I can't use Publisher, I won't waste my time learning to use any of the other programs.
  10. Unfortunately, I already bought it and found it's completely useless because the ability to have footnotes and annotations is critical to my needs. I hope they fix this soon, but this was a massive disappointment and very much ruined a lot of my plans. So now I have to waste more time reworking my plans because this seemingly obvious feature ISN'T part of this software.
  11. I purchased this software specifically to use to publish books. Without footnotes and endnotes, this program is completely useless to me. I find it completely shocking that this feature doesn't exist in what looks like an otherwise excellent program. I'm exceptionally disappointed and frustrated.
  12. Hello, I will use Publisher to make books. Some books have the chapter number or name above one of the pages. LibreOffice has a very nice and detailed insert field option that makes it easy to insert things like chapter numbers or titles at the top of pages in that chapter via an inserted field in the header. Can the "Text > Insert > Fields" ability be expanded in the future?
  13. Thanks. I remembered that after I posted and kind of smacked myself on the head afterward.
  14. The odt format (used by OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and others) really should be added as well.
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