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  1. Thanks a lot, that works for me, too! 👍 …which is no explanation / solution, though. 😅 But for the moment, I'm fine with it.
  2. Hi, I'm having an issue with text frames that doesn't appear in new documents but only in the one I've imported from an older (InDesign) file. So it is not bug but some wrong setting in my document, but I can't find out which. I have text frames with a given text size. But whenever the frame is full and I need to create / link it to another text frame, the text there is tiny, 1.1 p (!), no matter how big the source text is (9p in the screenshot). This must be some wrong information in these imported text frames because when I create a new one, everything is o.k. 😳 Thanks a lot for a hint! Hp
  3. Really? I’ve worked on Macs for 30 years now but I haven’t discovered a way to see / compare / star several photos at once, one beside the other yet. Please let me know if I have missed something. 😊
  4. Hi, I understand. However, the standard workflow for every photographer is 1) to transfer the photos from the camera, 2) to select which photos to use (or not), and then 3) to edit them. Since Aperture and Lightroom were abandoned, the is no good app for step 2) any more. As far as I can see it would really be a niche for Affinity, and in fact just an extension for Photo: All we’d need is viewing, comparing, starring, filtering out ***** photos and passing them on to Photo editing. Cheers Hp
  5. Such a light table is exactly what I'm looking for.
  6. Well, obviously they know about it but don’t have a timescale yet. So, please tell them (as I did) that you won’t buy their app. As everywhere, money is the only language they understand.
  7. Without footnotes, I'm f…ed with most of my publishing projects; I'll have to dump APub and return to InDesign. 😡 Had I known that before, I would never have bought this crippled wannabe publishing app. I deeply regret it now.
  8. Hi, the erase brush is set to 100% but I still need to wipe… and wipe… and wipe… for one minute to erase a line completely – as if the opacity were set to 5%. What is it that I haven’t got there? Thanks a lot for an answer ! 😊
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