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  1. I appreciate that Affinity has implemented this very useful tool in Affinity Photo. I would like to suggest to improvements which I think would make this tool much more useful: 1) Make the vectorscope react to sections. When nothing is selected it should be as it is now but as soon as a selection happen it should show only the color information of the selected portion. Sometimes it is hard to tell which part of the images falls in which part of the scope. In particular it is important to know whether skin tones are accurate, this feature would allow us to make a quick selection to find out. 2) Let us increase the gain beyond 500%. 500% is just not enough, a lot of times only a very small region in the center of the scope is occupied even tough the saturation is not too low to the eye.
  2. Kambis

    Focus Stacking Option

    No. Focus stacking requires masking based on contrast detection in the stack which is not there.
  3. I am trying to export this file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ai7jj8zmawo9i12/Poster%203.afdesign?dl=0 (111MB) as a pdf document. I have tried different settings and color profiles but the result is always the same and the colours are more saturated in the pdf document. I have attached two rasterised version you can compare, one exported directly from Affinity Design and the other is the pdf rasterised by Preview. I have checked that the exported pdf file looks the same in Adobe Acrobat Reader. How can I export to pdf and preserve the colours?
  4. Kambis

    Low res website?

    I don't like the first image either. I can see artifacts around the moon, the trees in the middle and some on the right are very washed out and unnatural, the sky is just weird and why is the sun shinning on the mountain in the back?
  5. How can I write plugins for Affinity Photo? Is there an SDK?
  6. Affinity already has non destructive effect/adjustments. Can you please explain what you are missing.
  7. Stitching Panoramas can take a long time. I have experienced computation times of about an hour for stitching about 30 fairly large images. I would appreciate a progress bar.
  8. It would be nice to have a blur filter with variable kernel size based on a BW layer or a mask. This is in particular useful when a depth map is available. This is for example the case when post processing CG. In some cases it is also quit easy to generate an approximate depth map based on some photography, either using some mesh or a stereo pairs.
  9. The Live Perspective tool does nothing when I set Mode to Source. I find it easier to use source mode to straighten buildings and it works well with the destructive tool but the live filter has not effect at all. I think it should function exactly like the destructive tool where the effect becomes visible after hitter an Apply button or closing the properties window. EDIT: Just found out that it actually works by hitting Enter on the keyboard, but that is not intuitive when there is no Apply button. There is also no note in the tooltip (I mean the one line help in the bottom ). Also when you open the properties of an existing perspective filter again, it goes back to dentition mode.
  10. I have seen something similar happen trying to print pdf files which semi transparent layers on some Ricoh printers. When the printer cannot handle transparency, the driver will rasterise and send a bitmap to the printer. Some drivers do a very poor job and the result looks awful. In those cases I managed to get the desired result by printing thru acrobat reader. Acrobat reader usually takes care of flattering before sending the data to the printer. If it still does not work, there is an option to send as image, in this case acrobat reader will rasterise the document.
  11. Kambis

    Focus Area..

    I would like to bring this up again, the suggested blur filter is something completely different. I'm pretty sure the OP is asking for the tool which generates a mask clipping the in focus area using contrast detection. It is useful and it has to be implement as part of the focus stacking tool anyways, so please add it also as selection tool.
  12. Colorbalance at 100% adjustment is still far away from maximum possible color adjustment. I have attached two screenshots as a comparison between Affinity Photo and Photoshop. I notices this while trying to recreate the effect described here: http://www.diyphotography.net/using-color-balance-turn-dust-particles-fire-ice-magic/ With Affinity Photo I did not manage to obtain such saturated colours.

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