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  1. Adobe Photoshop has an option to convert Paragraph Text to Point Text (Artistic Text) and vice versa. https://textuts.com/type-tool-in-photoshop-cs6-point-text-and-paragraph-text/ It is very useful at times. Hope to see this feature soon on Affinity Photo! 😅
  2. There should be a keyboard shortcut for each of this three options in this dialog box (see the screenshot): Save (Speichern) = Return, Enter Cancel (Abbrechen) = cmd+. or esc Don't Save (Nicht speichern) = cmd+delete (it used to be cmd+d) Save and Cancel work fine, but Don't Save doesn't work at all. Is there something I'm missing or has Affinity forgotten to implement this system wide standard keyboard shortcut? 😲
  3. I agree with every point and hope that Affinity is listening!
  4. Maybe you can try this http://www.grasshopper3d.com/photo/svg-export and then import the svg.
  5. Yes, I have this desire for a node based image editing program for 20 or more years. It would be great to see that feature growing up in this young program.
  6. Every filter should have an option to adjust all its variable values with free selectable alpha channel. That would be an unique selling point, not evenPhotoshop can do this. B)
  7. That's what I was looking for! :-) Thank you very much. PS: Unfortunately I exceeded my like quota today.
  8. Hi MEB, thank you for the warm welcome. That sounds great! B)
  9. As a long-term Mac user, I don't get it what this has to do with macOS. This behavior is just wrong. Merge means to merge existing things together into a new one and not to make a new one and also keep the old things. :huh:
  10. Yes, this point still holds me at the moment from using Affinity Designer for real projects. I really want to do more than just play around with it. :( Please take a look art the Astute Graphics Plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator and how grat the are at removing and adding point. These tasks play a very important role in the creation of vector graphics.
  11. That would be a great feature! B) Easy to implement and very, very useful.
  12. As a long-term professional designer, I fully agree with Tupai's suggestions. It would be very useful to have these input fields because they would allow more control over objects and symbols.
  13. Choose a tool from the toolbar that comes with a dialogue, for example the crop tool. Then you should be able to cancel the tool by pressing the ESC key and the cmd-. (dot) Apple-shortcut.
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